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    Originally Posted by 2qe6647 View Post
    There is only one (or perhaps 2) tools i would need.

    -A really full pokemon editor, like YAPE, to edit not only pokemon Stats types and Start moves.
    If you make a tool who can change also the moves who every pokemon learn by level, , TM compatibility and method of evolution (level, trade and stones), I'll be grateful for life.

    also, if you make a better tool for change moves, not only power and type, also precission, and can change easyly the secondary effects.
    All of these things can be easily edited using a hex editor because they're very well documented and explained (check the link in my signature for docs and stuff regarding 1st gen hacking).

    Originally Posted by 2qe6647 View Post
    the new tools can't open roms. if y tried to open a hack rom, it didnt let do, and if I try with a normal one (recently downloaded), It says that that the file is no writable.
    Try unchecking the "read-only file" checkbox in the file's property tab (Windows).

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