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    Name: Ryan Blake

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    History: Ryan grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of Ecruteak City, smack dab in the middle of many open fields in the middle of nowhere. He has worked since he was 7 years old, milking the Milktanks, cultivating the crops, sheering the Mareep and getting shocked, all in a days work. Ryan's parents were both former trainers, successful enough to reach the Pokemon League, where they met. Neither of them won, though, so they got married and settled down in Johto, where Ryan was born. Ever since he was a baby, his parents told him stories of them receiving their first pokemon, their journey, how excited they were and how much fun they had with their friends. Ryan was so excited to become a trainer that some nights he just didn't sleep because he was thinking about it so much.

    Then, new careers began to sprout up all over the region, and the term "trainer" was scarcely ever heard anymore. The day Ryan turned 11, he took a trip straight to receive his Starter Pokemon. Ryan was so excited to start, but Professor Elm shut his doors on him saying "He had no more Pokemon to supply". Ryan went back home, crushed. He didn't leave his room for days. One day, he mustered up enough energy to push all of his feelings down, and start working on the farm, which was a good thing because the farm began to go into debt. For a while, he actually believed he didn't want to be a trainer. He worked away all his troubles, and he was quite good at it. Inside, though, he had lost all hope. Until the Whirl Cup was announced. He was going to win. For his parents. For the Farm. For himself.

    Personality: Ryan is a very excitable, balanced kid. He is always looking for the best qualities in everyone, even if there are no good qualities to be found. He is very friendly, and never judges anyone simply by who they appear to be. He's quite nervous around people he doesn't know, simply because he's only really known his parents and the pokemon on the farm for his whole life. He's been to town, but doesn't like to spend much time there because he feels so out of place. All of the other kids want to be managers of companies and tycoons.Ryan has never really had any friends, and that's partly why he wants a pokemon so badly, so he can bond with something other than his parents and the pokemon on his farm.

    Ryan hates being the center of attention. Ryan is quite attractive, and every so often a girl comes up to the farm and tries to win him over, which he absolutely hates. He has a secret rebellious side that he hasn't ever let take control because theres nothing really rebellious to do on his small farm. Ryan is incredibly worried about his future and his destiny, and he hopes to be more than just a simple farmhand on a a farm in the middle of nowhere. A nobody. Well he wants to accomplish something before becoming that

    Appearance: Ryan has short brown hair that all sort of spikes up in the front. A sort of faux hawk. He has Blue-Green eyes that change depending upon what colors he's wearing. They've been described as "mesmerizing". He wears a red vest with a white shirt and jeans. Simple travel wear. He has a muscular build from working on his farm ever since he was little, and is about 5"8. He wears an out dated Poke Etch watch, from about 4 years ago. His parents bought it for him for his birthday as preparation for his Journey, which obviously didnt work out.

    Starter Species: Totodile
    Nickname: Sometimes Toto, but usually just Totodile

    RP Sample: The clock struck 5:30 in the morning. How did Ryan know this? Well quite frankly it was because every morning he would jump at the most unattractive sound ever heard by the face of the earth emitted by his fathers Honchcrow. Ryan stretched, fixed his hair quickly, and got dressed. He yawned as he opened the door, a gust of cool early morning air kissing his face.

    "Hey old girl" he said, quickly petting the face of one of three of his families Milktank's. He opened the pasture for all of their farm animals to roam in, acting as shepherd to make sure none of them tried to bolt. He closed the gate, and proceeded to take care of his every day chores. He milked the Milktanks, sheared the Mareep whose coats were ready, and then prepared them for sale at the local shop.

    Ryan rolled out his bike, packed on all the supplies on the back, and hopped on, riding it down to the town center. Shortly after he arrived, and not a moment too soon. There was a representative in the store for something, but Ryan had no idea what yet.

    "Morning Mirabelle, here's the milk and wool you ordered" Ryan said, staring at the man. He looked like he was from a city, like Ecruteak or Olivine.

    "Here he is, Geoffrey, this is Ryan" Mirabelle said, taking the wool and milk.

    "Whats going on Mirabelle?" Ryan asked, a little apprehensive.

    "Well, Ryan. I think I'm the person to answer that question for you." The man in a lab coat said, coming towards Ryan. "I represent Pokemon Professor Wood. As you have probably noticed, the Pokemon League is diminishing as a result of all of the other new fields spouting. You had gone to Professor Elm to start your Pokemon Journey, correct?" the man asked.

    "Well yes, but he closed his doors on me, he had no Pokemon to distribute" Ryan said, downtrodden. It felt like this man was trying to make him feel bad.

    "Well, this is your chance to start your journey, albeit a tad bit late. All Pokemon Professors are holding The Whirl Cup together, in an attempt to make the job of Pokemon Trainer popular again. You have been hand chosen to take this journey. Are you up for the challenge?" The Professors Aid said, smirking.

    Ryan thought for a minute. "Is this still what I want? I have a very fulfilling life on the farm.................. No. This is what I want. Hell I've been waiting since I was 11!". "Yes! I want this!" Ryan exclaimed excitedly.

    "Excellent" The aid picked a flyer out of his bag. "Now make your way to Olivine City, and to Professor Woods lab, that is where you can pick up your pokemon. Good Luck" He said, leaving.

    Ryan quickly grabbed the money from Mirabelle and biked home as fast as he could. "Mom! Dad! Look at this letter!" he said, handing it to them

    "Ryan! Go! Don't worry about us! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity staring at you in the face!" His dad said, smiling.

    Ryan grabbed his pack, already stuffed with everything he would ever need for his journey, as he had been preparing for a moment like this ever since that fateful day at the Lab, and left the farm. He picked up rides from stranger, walked, and within two days he reached Olivine. He stood outside of Professor Woods lab.

    "Finally" A broad smile appeared on his face, and he ran inside.
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