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    Name: Bai Kong (空白/Blank)
    This is the name she remembers, but it's not her actual name. Her real name is Lan Baoshi (蓝宝石/Sapphire).




    Fu Tao (钩/Hook Swords)
    If you've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, the swords what Jet uses is what I'm talking about. More information found here:
    Hudie Shuang Dao (蝴蝶双刀/Butterfly Sword)
    More information found here:
    Pan Long Gun (蟠龍棍/Coiling Dragon Staff or Three-sectional staff)
    In Bleach, the character Ikkaku Madarame used one with a blade on the end. More information found here:

    Her shoes has a hidden blade.

    Bai is the perfect Chinese girl; only listens, never speaks. She is very quiet to the point of being introverted and only speaks unless spoken to. She is generally docile and listens to whoever is in charge without any complaints. She cooks and cleans well and always listens to her elders and "betters". She takes the punishments given to her without a bat of an eyelash. Her expression is always a neutral one, but always seem to exclude humbleness. She will do what she is told without any questions asked. However, this is only a mask that she uses that is so ingrained in her that even though she hasn't a clue as to who she is, it still sticks.

    Bai, truly, is a very sarcastic girl. Although she likes the quiet, she generally loves bantering with others and always let her opinion be known. She feels that respect is earned and not given. She also knows that elders can be wrong and disobeys orders. She doesn't mind acting violent, smacking people on the shoulder when they're not paying attention or cuffing people when they're being idiotic, but generally uses weaker power than she could actually use. She is a pretty good liar, manipulator, and actor. She hates people being mistreated with a passion, but finds herself hardened to death, even by her own hands. Of course, she has no idea why or how. She is rather cynical and generally hates being touched. She hates alcohol with a passion, for some strange reason. She is also rather intelligent and observant, yet she usually keeps things to herself. She can also think up tactics on the fly and can be a good combat planner. She only lets her true personality out when she is with someone that she can trust. Trust doesn't come easy to her, though. However, she may lower her guard a tad if her instincts tell her someone is alright. She generally listens to her instincts as they are usually correct in their analysis. She also has heightened senses.

    Bai has straight, black hair that reaches up to the middle of her back. However, she ties it up into a messy ponytail using two chopsticks. She also has narrowed, light blue eyes. Her skin colour is basic for Chinese people, a light colour with just a tint of yellow. She is 5'9 and weighs 120lbs, but most of her weight comes from her developed muscles. She looks to be younger, with her skinny physique, even with her height, which she uses to her advantage. She has quite a lot of scars, the worst being centralized on her shoulder blade. Without looking at her scars, she could be known as attractive, but not being the prettiest girl around.

    Bai wears a black, Chinese style shirt which sleeves reaches up to her wrists. However, the ends of the sleeves are wide, allowing her to store her Hudie Shuang Dao in the sleeves. She also wears baggy, black long pants that allow her to maneuver around in well. They reach up to her ankles, not touching the ground. She also wears black, Chinese style flats that allow her to move around quietly. However, her shoes also hide a hidden blade which can be used for sneak attacks. She generally doesn't wear any jewelry except for emerald and sapphire necklace.

    Her face:
    Her clothes:
    Her shoes:

    Additional Information:
    Bai speaks both Chinese and English, however, she will end up mixing the two up and not notice that she is doing so. (Don't worry, I'll be putting up English translations, but, remember, you guys don't understand it unless you are/speak Chinese as well), she is also ambidextrous.

    Who do you remember?:
    Lu Baoshi, mother (绿宝石/Emerald)

    What memento do you have from this person?:
    Her emerald and sapphire necklace
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