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    @Michaela An amazing SU. You are definitely accepted!

    @Ryan Though it is a good SU, I feel it could be longer. The weapon is also a bit iffy...

    I will have my SU(s) up, soon. I was almost done, but my computer crashed and now I have to start over D:

    My SU is here!
    I think it is alright. It's definitely not the best, but it isn't the worst either.
    I particularly hate appearance sections. (This one is subject to change, if I can figure how to do so. Right now, that was, literally, the only way I could think to describe the clothing >.>)

    Name: Jennifer “Jenny” Reoth
    Age: 22.
    Gender: Female
    Specialization: Magic. Specifically Geomancy
    Weapons: Staff. A wooden staff with steel casings on each end. One Water Rune and one Frost Rune are inscribed in the wood.
    Personality: Jenny is definitely not a quiet person. She almost never stops talking, and will always make sure her thoughts are heard. She is extremely curious and will almost always butt into conversations, and will ask a hundred questions. Other than that though, she is a very polite person, and will try to let everyone else’s opinion be heard (After hers of course.)

    Jenny is not much of a leader, but she enjoys it when people follow her. She is very stubborn, and will not let hardly anyone change her mind. She tries to make people feel accepted; Trying to include them in a group, making friends with them, etc.

    She is often victim to bouts of depression, in which she becomes apathetic towards most things, and finds it hard to sum up any amount of anger or frustration. This also happens if she goes too long without sleep. At this point in time, she is a complete different person. She is no longer loud or curious, and has no desire to lead anyone.

    Appearance: Jenny has long, dark brown hair that normally goes down to the middle of her back, but is usually put into a ponytail. Her face is rather average, except for her eyes, which are a beautiful shade of green. She is on the shorter side at 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs about 150lbs. She has a decent tan. For the most part, Jenny is a rather average woman.

    Jenny wears a black jacket that is slightly too big, over a dark green tee shirt. She wears black jeans, and prefers not to wear shoes, opting instead for just socks, but, if need be, she has been known to wear tennis shoes. She prefers to wear simple clothes, such as a tee shirt, unless it is beyond freezing. Being as she has been in the cold all her life, she has a higher tolerance of the cold.
    Additional Information: Jenny is left-handed.
    Who do you remember?: John, her best friend since preschool.
    What memento do you have from this person?: A silver necklace she got from John on her 17th birthday.

    As of right now, I have plans for a second character, but that might change by tomorrow.
    So... yeah.
    It seemed so much longer in Word... Darn PC... making SU's seem shorter...

    PM/VM me if you want to chat.
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