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    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    ...Yeaaah, I'm just throwing it out there guys. There is no six pokemon limit in this RP. (Mostly because it made no dang sense in the anime itself.)

    There is however a formal battle rule that says six pokemon is the max you can use in any one battle. (This rule is only not in effect when fighting criminals or wild pokemon. Breaking it is pretty high on the shame list though.)

    EDIT: Also, like nobody is voting in the RPAs this time around. oAo (And we've only got like 3 days left.)
    Don't think I'd be able to participate in that. I'm still new here and haven't participated much in the other RP's on the forum ; (that and I wouldn't know/not sure which I would/should join)

    But anyways, here's the question I kinda want to ask in regards to the 6 pokemon thing based on what you just said.

    Basically. . . we are free to capture or train or just. . . basically keep as many pokemon as we want to with our characters but . . . we can only use 6 Pokemon in a Trainer Vs Trainer battle as it's viewed as common sense/common rules/official rules/official standards of pokemon battling . . .

    so . . .

    In case anyone would try breaking the 6 pokemon limit in a trainer battle . . . then it would be viewed as very poor behavior or in another sense, it would be viewed as badly as say . . . almost like a crime in some sense. Like not an official crime but people still would take it very badly in case someone tried to do that just because people don't normally do that right?

    Sorry if my question is a bit confusing, I'm just trying to have it sorta make sense in my brain of how socially unacceptable it would be if someone was to try that kind of thing.