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    I am satisfied with my SU at the moment. I think I hit... not gold... but... silver with this one? I was originally going to make my character a lot darker, but it didn't seem to work because of the many holes I found. Anyways I hope you like this one... Oh I mention Pokemon death... Just to let you know... Oh and uhh... Poliwhirl? XD

    Name: Tristan Taylor (Guess where I stole this from )

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Tristan isn’t a stranger to Pokemon Training. In fact, he use to be a trainer himself when he was twelve. He grew up with a happy gay couple in a candy shop they owned in Violet City. He grew up with people running in and out of a store with candy, kids whining by the curb because he or she couldn’t have any, and kids running in and using their allowance to buy candy. As a child, he grew up around candy and soon he grew to love the creation of candy and then that turned into creation of food in general. As a child, he always had a passion for Pokemon. He wanted to become the greatest trainer he could be as well as being a great master chef.

    When he was twelve he began his journey with a Meowth, Swipes. Tristan traveled to many places in the Johto region and managed to get himself five badges before the tragic event that caused him to come running home.

    He was returning from Cianwood City to Olivine. Tristan decided that he wasn’t ready to face a steel type gym leader and left to challenge Chuck. When he arrived he and the rest of the passengers on board were attacked by a group of terrorist. After fending off the terrorists, Tristan and many of the passengers realized that Olivine was being overrun by terrorists. Tristan and many of the trainers fought against the terrorist and helped the ones that were already fighting against them. Tristan had fought and rendered many incapable of doing much damage and he rushed on ahead, a mistake he later regretted. His Pokemon didn’t seem to mind as they wanted to free the city as well.

    They met their match when they faced the group’s leader. Tristan’s pokemon were tired, but the whole team thought that they could face the leader all by themselves. They were horribly wrong. The leader showed no mercy as he beat every single one of Tristan’s pokemon and took all their lives away. Tristan had put up a good fight and managed to tire many of the leader’s pokemon so he was easily defeated by the gym leader, Jasmine. Even though they managed to win in the end, Tristan was distraught after the death of all his pokemon. The next day, Tristain fled from Olivine City and went home to Violet City.

    He never told anyone how he lost all of his Pokemon or even why he returned. The only people who knew why he returned were his two fathers, but they didn’t know how it had happened. After returning, he became depressed. There were times he would just break down, have panic attacks, and live like an empty shell. Even after the panic attacks and break downs more symptoms rose such as the need to stuff his face with food, the fear of getting close to people and causing death to others around him, and the lack of sleep. His fathers tried to send him to therapy, but it didn’t help at all. They tried many things, but nothing seemed to work until one day they saw a flyer about the Whirl Cup. They had contacted Prof. Wood and they made an arrangement in hopes that Tristan would get over his depression.

    Tristan use to be a very happy child. He was very social, chatted animatedly, and had this very gentle smile that lit the spirits of many. However, ever since he had come home from Olivine City his personality changed. He threw himself into work at the store, he lack much needed amount of sleep, and he began distancing himself from the people around him. Tristan feels guilty for the death of all of his Pokemon and no matter how much time has passed he hasn’t been able to move on.

    Since he came back, Tristan became very afraid of forming bonds with others. He also became deathly afraid of causing the death of his loved ones and innocents and so began distancing himself from them in hopes that they would not share the same horrible fate his Pokemon did because of his stupidity. He became very quiet and only talks when needed to.

    Most, due to depression, would stop eating, but the opposite happened to Tristan. He began to stuff himself with food, trying to fill the emptiness and to banish the guilt he felt. If his parents didn’t constantly stop him from eating to the point where his belly would explode, monitored how much he ate, and convinced him to exercise he would be a very short and obese boy.

    He became very quiet and distant. Hard working he became, but that was just to keep his mind off of his morbid thoughts once he couldn’t stuff himself like he usually did. He became unwilling to become closer to others and he became afraid of causing the deaths of all the people he gets close to.

    Tristan wears a brown Teddiursa beanie on his head, with a white t-shirt, khakis, brown vans, and white socks. There is a chain that is attached from the outside edges of his pockets up to his belt. On this chain there are five grey pokeballs. These pokeballs are of his dead team. He couldn’t stand to bury their bodies under the ground where bacteria and other decomposers are left to do what they will so he keeps them on a chain in their pokeballs. He also wears a pair of black thick rimmed glasses and highly refuses to wear contacts.

    Due to his over eating, Tristain has a BMI of about 26 at a height of five foot five. He use to be obese during his time of depression, but ever since his parents had noticed that he was eating more and gaining much more weight they discovered that he was trying to eat his depression away. Worried, they cut back on how much they gave him and got him to exercise. This lowered his BMI. He has bags around his brown eyes and he is bald under his Teddiursa beanie. Once he had come back from Olivine the first thing he did was shave his head and put it under a beanie.
    Starter Species: Chikorita

    Nickname: None until he gets over the fear of getting close to others.

    RP Sample:
    I haven’t been to Olivine City in a long time. I dreaded it actually. I don’t think I am ready to walk into a city where my pokemon met their last moments.

    I wiped my eyes to stop the tears that were threatening to spill. I shouldn’t be thinking about this now.

    My uncle and aunt in the front eyed the rearview mirror noticing that I had wiped my eyes. They raised their eyebrows as if they were trying to say: “Are you all right?”

    I nod my head in response and they went back to driving.

    I was being sent on a delivery by both of my fathers. They had a client that lived in Olivine and they needed me to bring the client some of our store’s most popular candy. They would usually send it through their messenger Noctowl, but it had fallen sick and they didn’t trust me with the store anymore, so I couldn’t watch it for them. My aunt and uncle happened to be in town and had offered to take me since they lived in Olivine.

    And here I was, in the back of their beat up looking jeep going to a city that still haunts my dreams.

    “What was the address again?” My uncle asked as he drove.

    I had pulled out the address my parents had written on a post-it note and positioned it near the path of the mirror. My uncle took a quick look at it before making a sharp turn to the right. The harbor was in the view of the window and I could hear the water pokemon that inhabited the ocean wail. Many children were playing in the sand, many were building sun castles, a few people set up nets to play volleyball, and there were a few people trying to catch the sun on their skin.

    The jeep made an abrupt stop, making my face smash against the back of my uncle’s seat. I had raised my eyebrow at him wondering about the abrupt start.

    “We’re here,” My uncle answered my eyebrow as he pointed.

    It was a little cottage. It was cozy, made from wood, probably imported. It stood on a little wooden porch that was elevated off from the ground. There were windows that faced the ocean, giving whoever walked by them the glimpse of the shimmering water and the sunrise and set.

    I got out of the car and my uncle rolled down the window. He was searching for something in his pocket before he handed it to me. It was a crumpled up envelope, probably what my parents gave him before he smashed it into his jeans pocket.

    “Give this to him too,” My uncle said, “Don’t look at what is inside.”

    He had glared at me as he said the second part of the sentence. He was serious and I decided to take him seriously.

    I nodded.

    “You remember where our house is right?” My uncle asked, “Just go there when you’re done with your business.”

    They drove off. I walked up the little steps of the porch and raised my fisted hand on the door. I knocked.
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