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    Koolkat, there is a universal problem with your game threads, such that I'm not surprised that they go unoticed/closed most of the time.

    For starters, you have AWFUL presentation. The information you are providing on the game is really bare-bones, it doesn't tell us anything about your game to begin with, and it's just unappealing.

    Second, your "story" is a joke.
    You are a new Trainer, yeah, you get the idea.
    Not only is this sentence grammatically incorrect, it's probably one of the worst ways you could introduce your story. This makes you sound unmotivated, and if an audience thinks you are not motivated to support your own project, so will they be unmotivated. You need to sell yourself better.

    The game starts with Oak's intro. Then you go to his lab grab your Shinx and a back door key to the lab, and POOF, there you go on your long journey through the Hyriquo Region defeating new Gyms, (PTCs) and eventually the Pokemon League. Idea gotten? Great.
    No... I don't get the idea. What is the Hyriquo region? What is Prof. Oak doing there? Why do I want to set on a journey? You need to tell this like an actual story and not just a description of what technically goes on in the game.

    Now onto your screenshots... Ugh. They are all poorly mapped and the tiles are misused, but that's not the essence of the main problems with your game threads, so if you really want details, ask me.

    I'm sorry if I sounded harsh to you, but this is a reality check. You really need to put more effort in your game posts, otherwise the only person who will pay attention to it is a mod who's job is to lock threads that don't comply with the forum guidelines.
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