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    Thanks Godzil!

    This is still a work in process, but let me know what you think :D

    Name: Leon Reed

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    History: Leon was born in Cianwood City, Johto. His father worked as a Lab Assistant with the local professor, Prof. Bowen* and studied the Pokémon of the Safari Zone. As a result, Leon managed to visit the Safari Zone plenty of times, and grew very fond and knowledgeable of the rare species of Pokémon. As he approached his tenth year, Prof. Bowen sent a letter to Prof. Elm asking that he may allow Leon a starter Pokémon and Pokémon Trainer license. Prof. Elm, however, turned down the request, claiming that his government grants had been cut in half since the surge of "modern jobs" and that therefore he wouldn't have a Pokémon or PokéDex for Leon. Later that year, they would come to learn the true magnitude of this statement, as former government investors shut down their own research.

    *(Named after a genus of Cycads ).

    Out of a job, Leon's father turned to fishing, and at first he did okay. He only had to worry about feeding one kid, his wife and himself, but pretty soon there were more fishermen than buyers in the Cianwood coast, and with declining tourism Leon's family decided to move, to the capital of "modernism", Goldenrod City. There, both of his parents were forced to take up office jobs, and Leon found himself alone a lot of the time. Before, he'd been used to learning math in the morning with his dad, spending the rest of the day with his mom, going to the beach to "hunt for Krabbys" or to hang out with his friends. Then he would spend the weekends at the Safari Zone with his dad, and sometimes Uncle Bowen too; but now…

    He didn't know anyone in Goldenrod. He lived in a poor neighborhood, and not being a particularly physical specimen, he was intimidated by many of the hood's kids. He thought he'd make friends when school started, his dad had said he'd enroll him in a Pokémon Academy, but the city was so expensive to live in, that that soon stopped being a possibility. As such, he found his only refuge from danger or loneliness in the local library. He could become so engrossed in books sometimes, that he'd spend the entire day there; then again, he was always home before dark. He particularly liked reading mythology; any mythology really, Pokémon myths as well as ancient and foreign myths. He always thought of the monsters in Classical Greek mythology as fantastical foreign Pokémon that he just yearned to one day see.

    At the age of sixteen he decided to get a job in the library, started saving up some money for himself, and rotting every day in the same damn building. He became frail, he became absent-minded, his usually tanned skin had turned completely pale, and as he grew, he grew thinner and thinner. Although his parents were always home at night, and they had dinner together as a family, he grew distant, and his parents seemed almost strangers. Books, that was his only escape from his miserable life, to awe at the power of the gods of mythology, to cast himself to be the protagonist of a novel, or the hero of an epic. He read of legendary Pokémon masters who made a name for themselves by saving the regions from a given predicament, and yearned that one day they could write a book of him. He wished that he could make a name for himself as a Trainer and become a Pokémon Master… how sweet that would be. And then one day, his opportunity was there. He held up the poster he'd been asked to post on the library door, and saw it… The Whirl Cup!

    Personality: Even when young, Leon has always been very intelligent, however, he never went to a formal school, being homeschooled in math and versed in Pokémon by his dad. As a young boy in Cianwood City, Leon was always a very cheerful kid, he very rarely got into arguments with his mom, and absolutely idolized his dad, as well as Prof. Bowen for how much they knew about Pokémon. He had an easy time making friends and was also athletic, but most of that changed after moving to Goldenrod City. Leon's family lives in a rather poor neighborhood due to his father's lack of wallet size in an inflating economy, and the kids there aren't quite as nice as the Cianwood islanders, or even the tourists. Aware that there are several gangs in the area, and absolutely petrified of them due to his small frame, Leon always keep a low profile, and doesn't loiter in the street for too long. However, even though he's become highly introverted, and physically weak and frail, the new-found possibility of becoming a Pokémon trainer has given him the determination that he can make his life worthy of a book!

    Appearance: Leon's most characteristic trait is that he's redheaded. Well, his hair color is actually more of a strawberry blonde color, but he won't be the one to tell you that! His eyes are amber-colored, and he has light freckles on his nose. Since he spends most of his time reading, his lack of physical activity and contact with the sun have turned him prone to disease, physically weak, and of very pale skin color. Leon is also very skinny; although he stands at 5'10" he scarcely lifts the scale to 150 pounds. Thus, he finds himself wearing thick long-sleeved shirts almost year long, since he's pretty damn sensitive to the cold.

    Starter Species: Totodile
    Nickname: Typhon

    RP Sample: (For this, I'm asking you to write a post. This means a post of quality, something equal to what you'd normally write like if you participated in this RP. You must outline what went on before you received your first Pokemon from Professor Woods. You were hand chosen for this competition and you received a letter of acceptance from the Professor herself which outlined all the information. How did you get to Olivine? Were your parents for or against you participating in the Whirl Cup? Play it out however you wish and then end the post with your character finding him/herself at Professor Woods' laboratory. The lab is situated on the outskirts of Olivine, only a couple of minutes from the beach as Professor Woods' primary focus is Water type Pokemon.)
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