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    Nikolai Afon - Moscow, Russia

    "The government," she said rather sourly, "have not much to do with the Atlantean Centres, only with their hasty placement all over the world. The Atlantean Royal Family is a proud family, they would not approve of such... Well, vulgar methods, especially those conducted by morta-- normal humans. Although we're not too sure and cannot make too many assumptions, we can only speculate that the Royal Family is planning to either create an army to counter an inevitable civil war or raise Atlantis. I say these things with a grain of salt. The Royal Family are a mysterious bunch but I'm sure their motives behind their involvement with mort-- the world's politics will arise soon enough."

    Hmm, Nikolai thought, thats the third time she almost said mortals, then stopped herself. Strange.... maybe I'll ask her about that later, or maybe right now... "Alright. Now I have two questions. The first is how did you get involved with the AUP? The Atlanteans have not made themselves known until very recently, so how did you end up with the organization? I'm sorry if this is more personal, but I was just wondering." He paused for a quick moment, then continued. "My second question is why do you keep calling others mortals? You've already stated that we are not entirely human, does that mean we are not entirely mortal either? As in the "not dying" immortal part?"

    Nikolai waited for her to answer, listening to the clock tick in the background. He suddenly had a bad feeling, and no reason for having it. maybe he felt bad about asking her personal questions, or maybe it was just having second thoughts about getting involved with the AUP. He mulled over what the ominous feeling might mean, then just pushed it aside as nervousness when Natalia spoke again.
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