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    Name: Zach Strickston

    Nickname: None


    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Entei

    Appearance: Zach has short black hair and bright blue eyes. But when he senses danger his eyes turn darker. He Is around 5'2" and is thin. He usually wears a red hoodie and a pair of jeans. He has a slightly tanned skin. Zach wears a golden necklace that was passed down for generations. It has a little golden tablet with ancient markings on it. No one in Zachs family knows what they mean.

    Personality: Zach is a very shy person. He is very humble and modest. He will only talk to you if he gets to know and trust you well. If he doesnt know you yet than he will only talk to you if you ask him a question. Even if you ask him a question he will either whisper the answer or just make gestures. Despite his shyness he is very helpful.
    When Zach is with his pokemon he isnt shy. He is freindly and confident to them. He works them hard and really wants to be a good trainer because his brother wasnt. Zach is very clever and can easily decieve you. During battle he is like this as well. Sometimes he seems invisible and you wont even notice him. He is very brave and will do anything to be remembered in a positive way. He tries his best to have a good reputation and vowed to never be like his brother.

    History: Zach grew up in Goldenrod city with his dad, his pet Growlithe, and his older brother, Hector. Zach grew up listening to his dad and Hector fight all day, every day. Hector was doing horrible things like drugs, killing pokemon, and stealing them. Zach resented Hector after he found out what Hector had done. The news spread about Hectors crimes and Zach began to get bullied at school.
    Finally, Hector got into a huge fight with his dad and knocked him unconscious. He ran away leaving Zach home alone. Zachs dad was put in a coma. Later, Goldenrod city was attacked by Team Rocket. As Zach watched them in horror from his bedroom window. He watched all the grunts and identified his brother! Zach went outside with his Growlithe and charged at his brother. Hector was surprised and winced when he saw Zach. Zach punched him in the chest and Hector collapsed. Hector got slowly back up and sent out his only pokemon, a Weezing. It charged at Growlithe but Growlithe hit it with a powerful flamethrower attack. The Weezing fainted which made Zach the winner. Hector was bewildered at his defeat. Zach spit on Hector as he walked away.
    While Zach was waiting for his dad to wake up from his coma, he trained alot. He went to local routes and battled many trainers and wild pokemon. He strengthened his Growlithe and even caught a baby Poliwag and trained him as well. When Zachs dad woke up from his coma he saw how much Zach improved as a trainer and decided to let him go to Gary Oak's Trainer School!

    Nickname: Crash
    Personality: Crash is very attached to Zach. He is very clever and courageous. Unlike his trainer he tries to make freinds and is not shy.
    Lvl: 19
    Moves: Flamethrower, Bite, Tackle, Fire Fang, Flame Wheel, and Take Down

    Nickname: Hydro
    Personality: Hydro is a little shy because he isnt strong yet. He is a scaredy cat and is nervous about everything. Hydro is a very hard-working pokemon and loves to get stronger.
    Lvl: 11
    Moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Tail Whip, Roll out, and Bubblebeam