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Originally Posted by Ramianoz View Post
Thanks, Tman9446
this team is ok for me
however, i like choose another ghost type pokemon (like Banette)
instead of picking Gengar

And also how about a small restriction like:
No STAB moves for your pokemons?
K idk about no STAB moves bcause i gave u tentacruel and swellow 4 HM slaves, but I guess that doesn't matter, u can do whatever u want

As 4 banette instead of gengar idk U can do whatever u want if u want no STAB moves gengar would b better cause of its better move pool but yeah im not that strict about this kinds stuff do whatever helps u

mayb a small restriction would b like use haunter instead of gengar and tentacool instead of tentacruel, add some NFE's i guess
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