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    Name: Lately, I've been going by 'Lexar' or 'Seven' when online.
    Skills: Unfortunately, while I can't do anything that would be really beneficial (Spriting, Tile Inserting, Scripting, Etc. Though, I do have the programs), I would be happy to lend my skills as a writer to help with plotting, names, and even grammatical accuracy in the dialogue (proper spelling, punctuation, etc).
    Proof: You can find most of my more current stories (fanfictions) right here, on my Deviantart account:
    Contact (here or pm): I can be contacted here on PokeCommunity, and also on MSN, or even E-mail. All you need to do is ask.
    Dedication: Well, I am trying to find a job (in real life) but apart from my writing, I can dedicate myself entirely to this.