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Originally Posted by unrivaledneo View Post
That old school look brings back memories of pokemon first came in color, wow im old. Looks great!
I remember those days as well, I must be old too xD. Thanks.

Originally Posted by KoolKat vs. Lucas View Post
..... The only reasons I like this are the Kittoal is cute, I kinda like Balphin's color use, and it's GBC style. Otherwise, this game is going to the dogs, or in this case, the Mightyenas. So stay out of people's faces, or get with the LAWLZA!
PS: Your mapping is worse than mine so don't criticize me about mine. And by the way it takes work to make a game, not just sprites and fakemon that make you laugh or say "WOWZA!" or even old-school style. In other words, fix it up! I want to be satisfied with this. Otherwise..........

Actually, the way you changed it, let's repeat it slowly, so your ratty ears can hear it: T...H...I...S I...S T...H...E W...O...R...S...T G...A...M...E E...V...E...R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol. That is all I have to say to this post.
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