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Nice work on the hack man. When I was playing through the demo, I found a few bugs/ oddities that need to be looked after.

When I entered my rival's house I found him in his bed with no script attached to him. As such, when I tried to speak with him the game froze and I had to start over ;_;

This guy doesn't speak/ move when you talk to him.

Self explanatory; a Pokeball wants to trade with me :P

After the Jigglypuff sings its song, the music changes to the PC theme, rather than the town's default music.

You accidentally added an extra space in both of these NPC's text. You don't even have to repoint to change this.

If you are on either side of the door and walk down you can get here. Movement permissions and all that jazz.

I was surprised when I found this, but even more surprised to see that there was another hidden item exactly like it on the the same map through A-Map (bottom right corner).

I also encountered the Spinda with Koffing's moveset and experienced difficulty naming my Bulbasaur like other people who have posted in this thread but didn't feel like I had to take any pictures since you're aware of them :D

Overall, I think Gust is an interesting game. You are definitely succeeding in trying to emulate Gamefreak's mapping style, but I feel that there are too many unnecessary one-tile paths for it to be a true representation. I'll be watching and waiting for more to come in the future even though you said you don't want to show any screenies ;_;.
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