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Impo, just watch it online. :P You'll have to wait until 2012 if you don't. ;-;


This episode was kinda disappointing tbh. All the hype surrounding Santana's coming out and there wasn't really any coming out. RIB wanted to handle Santana's coming out completely opposite to Kurt's. Meaning her parents/family would disown her and the school would accept her, whereas Kurt's family accepted him and the school didn't. (Well the students anyway) this episode should have been renamed I Hugged A Girl, no Brittana kiss, disappointing. Rachel was pretty amazing in this episode, she's really matured since the days of Season 1. Puck is the example of what character development can do. First there was the Math class, with Mrs. Hagberg, the teacher of many talents and then his believing in Quinn. Santana's grandmother was awful, great acting on Coll's part, but she was awful. The woman who you have been around your whole life, looked up to and respected suddenly disowns you and calls you sinful.

next episode looks cute. white chocolate plz.
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