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I... Don't really like the power that much as that's what Natalia can do. Walk through walls. How does somebody find out they can do that in a week? An yeah, the history is too much for a 24 year old. You can't go from a high profile businessman to a private detective in like, 3-4 years.

One thing that irks me is the perceptive trait you gave him. That's all well and good, but it often gives roleplayers an excuse to see through purposely hidden emotions and motives and stuff. Oh, and he committed suicide, learned to go with the flow yet continously aims for the top? Doesn't... Make sense. It's almost as if you put it in there to invoke drama d:

So yeah, fix yo power, fix yo history. Remember, it's only been a week since the atlanteans revealed themselves.

And lol the mafia. Oh god please don't play that card. How does one even involve themselves or even find out about the mafia?!
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