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    Not my best work, but here is it.

    Name: Lucas Taylor
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Specialization: Melee
    Weapons: Dual Ninjatos

    Personality: Luke is a typical "that guy". You know, the kind that just kinda fades into the background of the social hierarchy. He has enough strange hobbies that he is alienated from the "cool kids", but he isn't quite nerdy enough to run with that crowd. He met his fate kindly and with a smiling face. Luke doesn't have many friends, rather he likes to spend his time alone. The only reason his fate doesn't bother him is he feels it brings him closer to the object of his fascination, the Ninja. Because of the hand fate has dealt him Luke is quite socially awkward and quite shy. He would rather spend his time thinking that socializing. He has a very ordered mind, and doesn't like to go running into situations without at least half a plan, which he usually comes up with himself.

    Luke isn't the type of person that creates waves. He will follow rules, if only to avoid creating said waves. And for this very reason Luke has never been in any sort of a fight, but he like to think he knows how to. If he ever does do something wrong, even if he doesn't get caught he feels extremely guilty.

    Appearance: At 5'11" Luke's 150lb body lends him into the average category. He has an athletic build which is strong but not bulging. He has medium brown hair that he keeps short so that it doesn't get into his eyes which are shade of hazel. He always keeps his face clean shaven, which makes him look a couple years younger than he really is.

    Luke can usually be found wearing his favorite black sweatpants, and all sorts of tee's, most of which belong to the plain primary colors. He prefers to wear his black tennis shoes, and when he is out running, or practicing his parkour he has been known to wear a black hoodie.

    Additional Information: practitioner of parkour

    Who do you remember?: Trish, Luke's closest friend

    What memento do you have from this person?: ornamental dagger
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