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    I'm currently at school right now, lol. No spell check, for some reason, so if I have too many misspellings, that's why. Finished it at school too. Heh.

    Name: Rubi Boudreau

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Specialization: Ranged

    Weapons: Crossbow (with 50 arrows), Throwing Knives (20), Combat Knife (2)

    Personality: Rubi, quite like her hair, is quite fiery. She has a violent temperament and many things set her off. She is quite violent and acts boyish, always rough-housing and giving people claps on the back. However, she does like to take care of her appearance and generally likes to be complimented as she suffers from self-esteem issues due to being bullied from a very young age. She acts tough in order to convince herself that she is tough. Sometimes, she even believes in it.

    She is a huge sympathetic crier, always crying when someone else is crying. Although she acts tough, she is sympathetic to emotions and hopes that everyone could have a happier life. She is also optimestic and always tries to look on the good side of things. However, she does know how to be realistic. She wants to help everyone, but she doesn't feel like she can. She generally isn't hardened at all by her bullying, even though it hurt her, and is quite an innocent person. She blushes quite easily when complimented and soaks up attention like a sponge, even if she may not go for it. She generally likes to hang out with males or other females that act like males. However, she does want to be a role model for someone who seems fragile, even though she is also fragile. If she feels that she can help someone, it would be a huge accomplishment for her.

    She is also a huge curser.

    Appearance: Rubi's looks are quite unfamiliar. She has bright red hair that reaches up to her shoulders, slightly curled at the end. She has wide, bright blue eyes. She is 5'6" and weighs 100lbs. She is underweight for her age, but she doesn't let it get to her. As such, people may think that she is weak, but she is anything but. She doesn't have any scars, but she does wear two diamond earrings that are studs. The only other jewlery she has on her is a red promise ring. Her skin colour is a creamy white.

    Rubi wears light clothing; she doesn't like anything wearing her down and dislikes uncomfortable clothing. Her clothes are always soft, but versitle, allowing her to do whatever in her clothing. She wears a deep red sweater and black jeans. For her shoes, she wears black combat boots. She generally dresses warm, due to coming from such a cold climate. However, she can get hot rather easily due to always being in a constant cold temperature. When it is fair outside, she sheds her deep red sweater and replaces it with a t-shirt of the same colour.

    Additional Information: Rubi is French-Canadian and as such, she speaks both French and English. She may mix up her French and English at times (don't worry, I'll put translations...again, lol). She is left handed.

    Who do you remember?: Daniel "Danny" Avery, boyfriend

    What memento do you have from this person?: Diamond earrings; stud, promise ring (red).
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