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Leon Nef- ????

"Thank you for accepting our....request, Leon," The man said as he reached out for a phone, which lit up briefly for only a second before going dark again. Suddenly, a man came on the speakers of the warehouse.

"Welcome to The Syndicate, Leon Nef." the voice said. Leon looked up into the top of the warehouse, as if to pinpoint the source of the voice. "All I can say is that I am a big fan of yours. As a preliminary job before it becomes more....permanent, go with the teleporter next to you, he has the coordinates, and....eradicate any person you find there. Return when finished."

Leon listened closely, until the last few words, where he sort of opened his mouth in surprise.

"Wait, wha-" But before he could finish, the other man spoke now.

"You heard the Directive, if you have any questions, consult with Jeremy, otherwise your job needs to be done.”

“Shall we get on the road then?” Jeremy said. Leon should have said something then. He should have spoken up, but he was in too much shock to actually have plausible words come out of his mouth. Just then, the man grabbed onto Leon, and the two teleported somewhere new. Leon felt liked screaming out, but no words came. Was he really expected to murder people?

The cold air is what he felt first. He didn't know where he was, but it was certainly a lot colder than the climate he was used to in Italy. The man spoke once more, in barely a whisper.

“Okay, so the people in the clearing to my right, they are the targets you have to eliminate. If you get in trouble, just yell my name and I can teleport you out of there quickly, otherwise once you’ve finished fighting I will come out to join you. Good Luck.”

Again, before Leon could speak up, the man was gone, and Leon was here, all alone, supposed to commit murder. The men, three or four of them, stood to his right only a few meter's away. Leon quickly hid behind a tree, and began to panic a little.

"Oh, sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*t!" He said quietly under his breath. Leon didn't know what to do. He figured he might have teamed up with the wrong organization right now. Sure, as a member of a gang in Italy, he had often held people at gunpoint, but he had never killed someone. He was shot at, and on a couple of occasions returned fire, but that was more out of self-defense. This was different. This was outright murder. Murder to people who he did not know, to people who have done him no harm.

Leon crouched down now as he observed the men not too far away. His mind began to wander now, and to figure out why he was sent to do this, and what were their motivations. He knew at least some of whatever this 'Syndicate' was were Atlantean. Does this mean they were, indirectly, protecting Atlanteans by murdering these people, who possibly threatened Atlanteans? If that was the case, indirectly, Leon was too being threatened, and in this case, this would be self-defense. Leon's mind could only come up with that rationalization for killing them. He left all his other morals, all his values and principles of life and death in the back of his mind. Right now, he was stranded in the middle of who knows where, and potentially, the second they see him, they might attack him too. Furthermore, they could be armed. Even further, they could have back-up. Leon had to think these extremes. That's how he managed to survive this long on his own. Right now, it was either him or them.

There was just one problem. At the moment, he had none of his Atlantean power in him. To make matters worse, this appeared to be a forest area. No electricity for miles. This was a problem. From what little Leon could figure out about his power, he did discover one thing. He can only harness the power of other electricity sources. Put him in the middle of a forest, and he's useless.

Just then, he felt a slight tingle in his arms. He then remembered earlier in the day. When he was showing the person in the office building his power, he managed to absorb the electricity of the lamp there. It wasn't much, but if he could harness it successfully, it could turn out to be enough to kill one of these four people if hit directly to the head, scrambling his brain, or heart, possibly stopping it. Also, if he hit's any of their spines, it could potentially paralyze them. Still, that was only one shot he was going to get. There were three others there with him.

Leon began to breathe heavily now, as is he had just been running as he hid behind the tree. Thankfully, the cold wind that blew heavily hid his sharp breaths. Leon check his pockets to see what he had, and as luck would have it, he pulled out his old gun. He checked the ammunition. Three bullets. Either a huge coincidence, luck, or some godly force suddenly convincing him to go through with this borderline insane plot, not to mention killing four people.

Leon had to be quick, he had to be precise, and he had to be fast. He took one more look at the four people, who appeared to be talking amongst themselves. One laughed. Leon observed them. They appeared to be normal people. Not murderers. Not corrupt, evil people. Maybe then, it was Leon that was corrupt and evil? Perhaps he was the murderer?

No, he thought. It's not about the murder. It's about survival. It's always been about that with me. Survive. That's the most important thing. Right now, it's either them or me. What's it gonna be Leon?

Leon took a deep breath, and gathered energy in his arm. From what he learned about his ability, all the electricity he gathers is coming from somewhere inside his arm area. At least, that's what he feels, so that's what he assumes. He concentrated all the lightning power he could find, and gathered them to the two tips of his fingers. His nerves pulsed, sometimes going numb for a second as they accepted the transition of the energy from the inside of his body to the outside. The sharp wind once again masked the slightly noisy gathering of lightning at the tip of his two fingers. In one hand, he loaded as much energy as he could. In another, he held his gun. Standing up now, Leon turned, and acted quickly.

He shot the large amount of lightning out of the tips of his fingers, at the woman all the way to the further left. The lighting his right in between her shoulder blades, and she fell down without another sound. Ignoring the tingling in his left arm, Leon raised his gun, and shot.


Three shots fired, all three aiming for the remaining people, in the hopes that it would be as simple as that. He took a look to see what had happened. Two people lie on the floor now. The one he hit with his lightning, and one more, who had a whole coming through his head, blood coming out and onto the snow below. The other two people, however, were up and turned to Leon, one person grasping his shoulder, where blood came out. The other having the bullet miss him entirely. Leon stood, unable to move for a second as he basically forced his body to try to move. The man on the left took a deep breath now, and appeared to scream at Leon. But it was no regular scream. The pulse of the deep shrill filled Leon's ears, and as the apparent wave of noise fluttered towards him, he could see branches and trees break from the noise. Leon held his ears as he moved behind a tree to avoid the impact of the killing shrill. He finally understood. As if things couldn't get any worse.

They were armed, alright. Armed with Atlantean powers.

Leon continued to hold his ears as the sonic scream shrilled in the air. His head felt a little light as he began to ran. He had no ammo, and the two pursued. The other man suddenly had thousands of spike-like needs come out of his body. Leon cursed under his breathe as he attempted to avoid the spikes as the man flung them into the air, like bullets of their own. Leon made his way through the trees, avoiding the high-pitch sonic scream and the needle-like spikes flying through the air, ripping through branches and cutting leaves like paper. Eventually, he was hit on his side by a couple of spikes.

Leon screamed out loud at the pain. All too familiar with knife wounds, these felt just a bit sharper, and twice as unpleasant. But the hit caused Leon to inadvertently reach for his side, where he had a knife. Reaching out for it, he positioned himself as he tossed the knife right at the spike user. In the meantime, the spike user launched a barrage of spikes at Leon's direction. The knife hit its mark, hitting the spike user directly in the head, appearing to kill him instantly. At the same time, however, Leon was hit by at least half a dozen spikes across his body as well. The force of the hits felt almost like gunshots, and Leon fell into the snow. He cursed silently under his breathe as he heard footsteps come towards him.

The sonic voice Atlantean stood over his body now, angry. He bent down, and positioned his face right over Leon's, and sucked in his breath, about to launch the deadly sonic shrill right into his face, which would kill him instantly. Desperate, Leon's mind worked like a bullet as he tried to figure out what to do. With nothing else to do, Leon reached for his side, where his empty gun was, and hit the sonic manipulator right in the face. He fell back a little, and the sonic scream was released right next to Leon instead of right on him. The super screamed buried into the snow, creating a small crater, and caused Leon to hold his ears. He felt blood come out of them a little, as he began to lose his sight a little, and began to hear his ears ring. He was slowly losing consciousness, but the sonic manipulator wasn't done. Positioning himself right over Leon again, he sucked in breath. Leon could only watch as his life appeared to flash before his eyes. He still felt the pain from his ears, as well as from the impacts of the spikes, which were still lodged in his body...

The Spikes, his mind seemed to realized. In a swift motion, Leon pulled out one of the spikes from his side, and stuck it into the sonic user's neck from the side, before he had a chance to release his attack. The sonic user fell back, blood seeping out of his neck as he gasped for air, struggling on the floor. A few more seconds later, he stopped struggling, and stopped moving.

Feeling he was in no more danger anymore, Leon gave himself a small smile, and slowly, everything around him went black.

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