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    Sean finally stepped ashore on Mirage Island. It had taken him too long to get there. Although he'd been able to fly to Pacifidlog Town on the back of another trainer's Pidgeot (for no small price), he hadn't even known that the island he was after appeared at random. He'd simply asked a man with a speedboat to take him to Mirage Island, and the man had just laughed. "Funny, kid," he'd said. "Mirage Island isn't easy to find. It appears at random, and I myself have never been there. If you're looking for it, well, there isn't much I can do but wish you luck."

    Sean kicked at the boards that made up Pacifidlog's ground. "Great. How do I find an island that appears at random?" He wandered the town for almost half an hour, looking for an answer. He couldn't exactly fly back home, since the trainer had left with her Pidgeot, but he couldn't stay here, either. Eventually he looked down at Charon. "Come on, do...whatever you did those times I... uh... you know what I'm talking about!" he cried, and stood there for a few seconds, expecting Charon to send him to the faded grey world, but that didn't happen. Eventually Sean groaned in frustration and turned away. Then everything faded to grey and Sean and Charon were alone. Angry, Sean looked down at his Mightyena. "Okay, that's it! Now you're just messing with me! Not cool!" he almost yelled, but stopped himself when he remembered there was no sound in this world.

    It's okay. You don't need to say it. Sean was startled -- what made that noise? The only other person (well, technically, Pokemon) here was... Charon?

    What the hell?! Sean thought as his body pulled away from Charon. Was that you?

    Yes. Don't ask any more questions. It's telepathy.

    Sean thought. The voice "speaking" to him sounded deep and calm in his mind, and he guessed that if Charon could talk, it would sound like that. But now what?

    Sean smiled with triumph as he stepped into the world as he knew it. He was on Mirage Island against all odds, and he wasn't late, apparently, because there were several others on the island, all with Pokemon of their own. Sean approached the group, with Charon following him.

    "You must be the Shifters." Sean's attention was directed to a young man who looked just a year or two older than himself. He looked as though he had just arrived - come to think of it, so did everyone else - and had tape on his nose.

    Sean answered him. "Evidently, although I have no clue what that means. I guess the defining trait of a Shifter is their ability to switch between this world and "that" one, you know what I mean. Other than that I have no idea." There was only one other male in the group, so Sean reasoned he must be Anthony. To him, Sean asked, "Am I correct?"
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