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    My conventional desktop system, with Christmas colors, based off of a color scheme for the season I created on a Windows 95 system back in 2001. Although I still consider this my primary system (most of my personal files are on this computer), it is almost 10 years old as of this post and, under anyone's standards, is obsolete. I'm hoping someday to get a new desktop computer and finally retire the one this screenshot is coming from.


    My laptop, with Windows Vista, and with the window border and desktop wallpaper all for Christmas also. I got the wallpaper off of another Christmas desktop theme I downloaded several years ago. This particular machine is much newer (from late 2008). The About box screenshot below the desktop pic shows a more realistic red window border.
    To reduce file size, the Vista desktop screenshot is in JPG (as much as I hate putting screenshots in JPG).

    (User names and "licensed to" names were edited out to protect privacy.)
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