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Dear Anonymous,

Why would you lie to me about that? :( That made me so disappointed. have no idea how much that stuff bothers me, and when you told me that I felt bad. Cause I mean, you of all people know why I can't go for the other one. Then you tried to ruin this one for whatever reason. Maybe it wasn't intentional, idk. But if it was, then that was just mean. Come on, now.

Dear Anonymous,

Please don't think of me as that weird person that did an awkward jazz run past you for no reason!

Dear Anonymous,

Don't make me find that out on my own, come on. You said they weren't, he said they were, so it's like...idk whose telling the truth here and it's confusing.

And yes. That was a denomination. I made it. It's a part of my Judaism.

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