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Kris Kollyns
Nuvema Town to Mirage Island
The End of this World, into the Next

I knew that Dusk was laying on me before I even opened my eyes.

I woke up, feeling a weight on my stomache, hesitating to open my eyes because I knew Dusk's face would be right there as soon as I opened them. They always were.

This time was no different.

I opened my eyes, and barely an inch away from my face was Dusk's face, and he was staring directly into my eyes. We stared at each other like that for a few moments before I finally decided to say something. "You're such a strange Pokemon." I laughed a little as I gently pushed Dusk off of me, he didn't even react until he was laying on his back, and then he leaped up and became the incredibly annoying Dusk that I knew and loved.

I shifted and accidently kicked a lump near my feet, immediately a sense of dread and regret fell over me. I slowly turned my head and glanced nervously at the lump, but it was too late, I had awoken it.

"Dusk, run for your life!" I whispered as the the lump - Yorkie, my Lillipup - yawned, stretched and stood up. I stared wide-eyed as Yorkie finished stretching, opened his eyes all the way, looked at me and began to wag his tail. The end was near, there would be no survivors.

"Pup pup pup, pupupup!" Yorkie exclaimed as he readied himself for launch. I prayed to Arceus that my soul would be spared, but I knew there was absolutely no chance of that; not even Arceus had enough power to stop the terror that was Yorkie.

"PUP!" Yorkie launched.

Dusk jumped for his life.

I reached out my arms in an attempt to save my life.

I failed.

In less than a second my face was being mauled by Yorkie's tongue. He was adorable, but incredibly annoying, even moreso than Dusk. He never grew out of his puppy phase, and at first I thought that adorable, but it was also the scariest thing ever. I was just glad he wasn't a Stoutland that acted like this, or else I would have died long ago.

"Yorkie, Yorkie," I laughed, "Yorkie, stop, stop, YORKIE!" I grabbed the puppy Pokemon and pushed him away from my face, gasping for air as I was freed from the grips of death.

I set Yorkie down on the floor and he immediately began to chase his tail. By now all of my Pokemon were waking up. Monaqua, Monierba and Monuego, my Panpour, Pansage and Pansear were all sitting on my couch. Monagua and Monuego were fighting over something, and Monierba was sitting in the middle, attempting to keep the peace. I turned on my Xbox 360, put in Soulcalibur IV and handed both Monagua and Monuego a controller. The two could actually play the game, and they were rather good at it, which scared me a little.

Monierba pulled out a Percy Jackson book and began to read. Yes, my grass monkey was reading a book. To be honest, I wasn't sure if he could actually read them, but it seemed like he could so I didn't question it. If I did question it, he'd probably just screech at me anyways.

I changed my clothes and pulled on my hoodie right before Salivan, my Lickitung, entered the room with an armful of fruits. It was a good thing that my sister, Krystal, was always up before Salivan, or else we probably wouldn't have any food left in the house. My Togekiss, Torgen, was now sitting on my bed and watching my Final Fantasy: Advent Children movie. My Cinccinno, Kiyoko, was frantically running around my room and cleaning with her tail. My Watchog, Kenelm, was staring out my window, gazing at everything in sight, no doubt making a few innocent bystanders rather uncomfortable.

I stood up, Dusk rubbing up against my leg while purring, ready to start another normal day. Too bad normal was one thing that was not going to happen today, as evidence by the telepathic message that played through my head mere seconds after Dusk had stopped purring, turning more serious than I thought possible for the feline.

"To any who receive this message, my name is Anthony Stagg and I am a Shifter like you. I'm not going to sugar-coat it, but I need your help to save the world. Please meet me at Mirage Island in Hoenn, as a Shifter you should have no trouble getting there."

I froze, completely and utterly confused. I glanced at Dusk, who looked deadly serious, which was definately not normal. Dusk was never serious, emphasis on never.

"We . . . we should go, shouldn't we?" I asked Dusk, a bit uncertain. He nodded, and I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomache. Shifters, so that's what we were called. Although, I had never actually thought much about the fact that there could be others like me, I tried to ignore that horrid place as much as possible. I had no idea what it was called, but the few times I talked about it with Dusk it received a few nicknames including that horrid place, the grey area, Dusk's realm, among other things.

"Torgen, come on." I motioned for the Togekiss to follow me, and he looked at me for a moment while looking slightly confused, but after that moment's hesitation he leaped into the air and hovered next to my head. "Guys," I said, speaking to the rest of my Pokemon. "We have to go, behave yourselves." I knew that would never happen in a million years. Good thing my Pokemon were afraid of Krystal, with the exception of Yorkie. But even Yorkie behaved when Krystal was in charge, which bugged me to no end.

I descended the stairs and passed Krystal in the kitchen. "We've got to go, I have no idea when we'll be back," I explained as we walked by and out the door.

"Okay, but try not to kill yourselves! I don't feel like explaining to Mom that you randomly disappeared without a trace!" Krystal yelled after me.

"Gee, thanks sis!" I yelled back sarcastically. Torgen crouched down to the ground and I climbed onto his back, Dusk climbed on after me and layed down between my arms. It was a good thing that Torgen was incredibly strong, or else we might not have had a ride to Hoenn. "Damn," I cursed once I realized how far away Mirage Island was from Nuvema Town, supposedly near Pacifidlog. "We have a long flight ahead of us."


A few hours and a sore rump later, I was landing in Pacifidlog Town. I dismounted Torgen along with Dusk and we both stretched, thankful to be able to move again. "Okay Torgen, thanks for the ride. I'll send you back to Krystal now," I pulled out Torgen's Pokeball and recalled him. A few minutes later I was exiting the Pokemon Center, having sent Torgen back to my house through the PC.

"Okay, Dusk, time to go to the stupid dimension." I sighed and tried to clear my mind. I had very little experiance in . . . shifting, and I just hoped I could do it and walk all the way to Mirage Island without falling into the ocean. I did some deep breathing as I attempted to focus, but I couldn't do it. "Damn . . . okay, I need to concentrate," I began to pace a little as I tried to think of a way to shift. "Oh, I think I might have it," I said as I pulled out a notebook from my bag. If the key to shifting was concentration, then perhaps I could write or draw something. I was a mediocre artist and a rather average writer, but it was the best thing I could come up with at the moment.

I closed my eyes and thought for a moment, before I began to write. My pencil moved over my paper, leaving a rather confusing story in its wake. I had no idea where this story was going, but I knew the concentration on it was working once the world around me changed.

The sound of the ocean silenced, the wind stopped blowing and all color seemed to leave the world. The people and Pokemon were no longer people or Pokemon, but more like ghostly images. I shivered slightly as I put my notebook away and began to walk on the land where the ocean had been moments earlier.


I approached an island that I knew wasn't normally there, and it was apparently inhabited by Wynaut. I stepped onto the island and suddenly the world was moving again; the ocean returned and I could hear the waves hitting the island's shore. The Pokemon were once again crying happily as they ran and flew around, and I could once again feel the breeze. It felt good to be back in my own world.

After a quick moment of taking in the world once again, I looked around the island and noticed a group of people. It seemed I was late to this little party, but better late than never, I suppose.

"So . . . this must be the little gathering of the ones known as Shifters?" I asked as I walked up to the group, but I decided to stay at the edge of the group and watch for now.

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