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    Originally Posted by assassinjay1229 View Post
    Like blade i'm not too sure what you mean but if you meant it having 3D models on a 2D plain then the gane play is fine it just takes a little getting used to but i played Sonic 4 ep.1 a while ago and that also has a 3D model on the 2D levels so i really didnt have any problems

    I want those plushies 8D well maybe not the Tails one and Shadow is like my favorite i need to get something of him

    Here's a pic of my figurines (my little brother is "hiding" under his Pokemon blanket because i told him to get out of the shot and that was his 5 y/o solution lol)

    And here's my Xbox avatar wearing the SA clothes (classic eggman pic coming soon it looks hilarious XD)
    Yeah, the 3-D model on a 2-D plain....I got many different answers too....

    Shadow is amazing, and I used to have that pokemon blanket before. XD Well, that's some good figurines actually. I got none....