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    Ok,so I checked out the game and my original dislike of MMORPG's still stands.The reason why I get bored of MMORPG's like this is because i'm way too into playing a storyline when I play a game.Games like these which is pretty similar to Monster Ranch and a bunch of other sites I registered on yet quitted,do have their own unique monster sprites and all but for me,without a storyline I just get bored and quit(Only going back to the site if I get really bored).

    So yeah,it's pretty much the same like all Pokemon MMORPG's i've played(Only MMORPG i've played that I don't get bored with are corporation games like Blizzard Entertainment) though i'm still going to play this game have no idea how long though,seems kinda better than Monster Ranch.

    (Gonna PM you about something after I post this.)
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