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The offset in Emerald BPEE is around 0x636900. I can't say, because I can't make out what the pattern is supposed to be, so just search around on Tile Molester for that.

Also, in Emerald BPED it is around 0x647194.

By the way, there are three copies of the string of hex I used to find this, I didn't check, and it's most likely the second one (as it is with the BPEE version I did check), the one I put up here.

And, in LeafGreen BPGE it is either 0x1f5f9c, 0x20219c, 0x2124b4, or 0x2227cc, apparently. It's late and it's a long process if I personally want to check it.

(And by the way something that caught my eye is that you spell "English" as "Englisch". Just remember that "sch" in German is "sh" in English. And also, the "It must look so:" after the third picture is better worded as "It has to look like this:" Just a couple of suggestions...I know I'm worse at German than you are at English)
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5

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