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Michael Cale - London, England

Michael heard a crash behind him which jolted him out of his sorrowful state; the world around him slowly becoming black as his power receded and his steely grey eyes turned back to their usual shade of blue. He opened his eyes and they blurred a bit as everything came back into focus, an effect of having using his abilities, not that he had any control over them anyway. He caught the last of Christians speech, “…could of killed her.” Spinning around, he found Oakley lying on the floor, her face shocked as smoke billowed around her and arm now almost four times its usual size lying limply at her side. Christian towered over her, arm outstretched towards Oakley and smoke rising from his body. Smoke billowed around them, dissipating in the air save for around Christian where it was slightly thicker, almost obscuring him from view. Michael tried to focus on Christian, but it always seemed to him that the man somehow was intangible.

Seeing his sister in trouble stirred something lying deep within him, a flashback of when they were in Spain. It had been the summer before Michael was sent off to boarding school; Oakley was being harassed by some of the local boys calling her an ‘outsider’ and pelting her with stones. It was lucky that Michael took the same route home every day, as he would have never come across the scene if he chose to stay behind or go to a friend’s place. Defending his sister caused him only a couple of bruises and perhaps a broken bone, but the satisfaction he got from defending her… he felt like a real big brother.

He snapped out of the second long flashback and went into automatic mode, moving quickly over to between Oakley and Christian, placing one hand on Christian’s chest as anger flashing across his face. Despite being smaller than Christian by a fair bit, his inability to let harm come to his sister meant that he rose to the occasion, even if the odds seemed against him. Michael momentarily felt his hand phase through Christian’s chest until it became solid again, leaving Michael unsure of whether it had really happened or not.

"No matter what your ability, curse, or gift is, you are amongst friends. Now, let's get a grip on our 'problems'," Christian finished when Michael had arrived.

“Stay the hell away from my sister, you almost killed her!” Michael was on the borderline of screaming at Christian, it was lucky that he had the least bit of restraint otherwise he would be screaming in Christian’s face by now. There was nothing that Michael could really do, and once he realised this, the sensation of being unable to do anything started to overcome the anger that coursed through his veins.

Seeing the conflict between the two boys, River stepped in between them, separating them apart from each other with ease. “That is enough!” she said angrily, “we are not here to fight or make enemies, so keep quiet and stand still.” She glared angrily at the both of them before leaning down to assist Oakley lying hopelessly on the ground. She took the crystal from around her neck and hovered it over Oakley’s arm. Within seconds the arm had regressed back to its normal state, with only a couple of small pimple like spots of armour left. “This will only hold your power back for a little while,” River cautioned, “but it will not always be available.”

She got up, glaring further at the two boys before returning to the front of the room, “now that we have had enough drama for today, let’s finish this.” River pointed to the older lady and her younger male friend, “you two may go through the door only my left behind us, there you will finish processing and sent back to your families.” She gestured to the other four that resided once the two left, “you four will be coming with me though the other door behind me. Quickly now, and no drama,” she warned before briskly turning around and walking through.

Michael let it go, he didn’t have the time to let Christian get to him. He reached down, grabbing Oakley’s other arm that had not been a massive armour arm and gently helped her to her feet. “I have some explaining to do later,” was all that he said to her before he followed River out the door, behind the girl that had stood and watched.

The door took them down a small hallway that ended in a door that led out to a courtyard, just big enough to fit the helicopter without it having crushed or destroyed anything. River stood in the door, helping the girl before him get in. She offered him a hand too and he took it, taking the seat beside where River was going to sit, opposite the two girls, whom sat with a seat between them, but were already striking up a chatting storm. He waited for Oakley and Christian to get in, and once they had, River slammed close the side door, signalling to the pilot to lift into the air. Chucking her headset on, she motioned to the rest of them to do the same.

“We are taking you to a secure location, about half an hour away, please stay seated and belted in until we land.” Her voice cut off and she stared out the window in silence as the other girls continued to chat to each other.
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