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Oh god, this was the size of my original SU. o.0 Jeez...

I know it's really short so I'll be adding as the day goes by, especially to the history and personality.



>Name: Kellyn James Wayland

>Age: 19

>Gender: Male


Physical: Kellyn is a very handsome Caucasian boy at the height of 6"0. He isn’t a small person and no one would classify him as a big mini tank. Being as fit as he is, he has muscle and visible abs from working out and running. His nearly straight white teeth gives him a warm smile, allowing people to feel safe when with him. His face seems to be more of an oval shape without blemishes or scratches of any kind. Naturally, his hair is black, messy and short and his eyes are a light reddish-mahogany color that have an inner warmness within them. He weighs 180 lbs.

Clothing: On most occasions, Kellyn wears an average t-shirt with a simple domino design. He mainly wears his blue zip-up hoody over it and blue jeans with several designer holes. He wears simple running shoes and has a basic backpack. He occasionally wears a baseball cap with his own design on it. He has a necklace with a fearless rune on it from his family. During the winter, he wears a long sleeve shirt with a skateboard design on it and a heavier sweatshirt. When it is sunny he will wear sunglasses.

>Personality: He is a kind teen who is considerably protective of his family, friends, and pokemon. Although he is kind and protective, he can be harsh to those who get on his bad side and cross the line. He is very romantic but rarely meets anyone he would like to date. He is a good sport and almost never gets depressed after losing a battle (Though it has happened before). He does get sleepy when using to much energy quickly. He was also learned some other stuff, such as parkour and martial arts, to get away from people with guns or who want to kill him, and other language, specifically Spanish and Japanese.

Kellyn can be trustful with people though, with his secret, it tends to be rather hard most of the time. He'll tend to play video games when extremely bored. Pretty much, he isn't really anti-social at all and loves to hang out with friends.

When nothing is happening, Kellyn tends to tap his fingers or anything he is able to use into a beat. This habit kinda started back when he was learning to play the drums and it stuck with him ever since.

He is quite adventurous, never staying in a place for too long besides the random occasions. He loves puzzles and can break most. He keeps some secrets from people until he's known them. When he gets nervous he will occasionally say a joke to lighten the mood. He has a supportive thought of most of the laws and will fight to protect (Not knowing that is his destiny as a Shifter). After his years with Bliss he has gained some of her ferocity. He'll brag to his rival('s) in order to show his achievements.

>History: Kellyn was born a few hours after his catalyst, surprising his neighbor, the town's professor. The professor brought over the Poochyena as soon as Kellyn could crawl and introduced them to each other. At first they had disliked each other till Kellyn and his counterpart fell into a deep ditch 3 years later, where they learned to like each other and were best friends ever since. During the time, Kellyn had named his pokemon Bliss. Many odd things happened to them during the time period, including battles where they had won within a blink of an eye almost as if the opponent was injured before. The professor caught on to the fact that they were a true Shifter/catalyst team and took them under his wing. During his time in school and many training sessions, he won awards in track, martial arts, and fencing.

As he was under the professor's employment, Kellyn became friends with many people and pokemon. The professor had decided to send him on a true journey at the age of 16. Professor Birch as it happened to be, gave him the starting essentials and sent him out. He caught several pokemon in the nearby routes including a Gible, he named Chomp, an eevee named Silver, and a rare pidgeotto for the area, that he named, Joy. He quickly continued on after that.

His first stop was the city of Petalburg where he attempted to fight the normal-type user, Norman. The dojo, as it was, seemed like a maze and by the time he got to the final room, Kellyn was itching for a fight. It was a 2 v. 2 battle and neither were wanting to go down without a fight. Kellyn was amazed by the power radiating from the older man and his pokemon and he knew he wouldn't be able to win in the end. As he expected, he had lost and Norm gave him some words of advice. "You need to assess a person and there pokemon's strategies instead of going head on. Learn this and then we'll have a rematch.

Kellyn left with his head held high and continued through Petalburg Woods where he caught a Seedot that was protecting his family from a group of Team Aero thugs. Kellyn helped the pokemon fight off the men and kept on the journey. The Seedot now a faithful companion. He left the forest quickly after fighting all the annoying bug catchers with ease.

He exited the forest on the other side, where the same Team Aero thugs were attacking the Flower Shop. The people working at the shop had their pokemon all rounded up and were preparing to leave when Kellyn decided to help. Kellyn, Bliss, and Chomp all attacked the men, beating them once again. They ran once again and left the Flower Shop's pokemon there. The workers thanked him and offered tons of rare berries that would help him train his pokemon.

With pokemon in hand, Kellyn ran across the bridge into Rustboro City, the home of the rock-type Gym Leader, Roxanne, and Devon Co. Here Kellyn receives the Pokenav and challenged the gym leader. Roxanne proved to be tough but Kellyn pulled through and earned his first ever badge. Not only that but Bliss had started to change. She had evolved from Poochyena to Mightyena, unknowing that this opened the bridge to their first ever shift.

He moved to Maulville after beating the Dewford gym later that week. There Kellyn came across Team Aero fighting the Maulville Gym Leader Wattson near the entrance to New Maulville, the power supply for the City. The two fought them off and Wattson invited Kellyn to the gym. There Kellyn pulled through with Bliss and Seedy, the Seedot now a Nuzleaf, at his side. He earned not only the badge but an Elekid as well for fighting off Team Aero.

The journey continued with Kellyn beating every Gym Leader, including Norman, until Sootopolis where he met two people, Brendan and May who were busy fighting Team Aero's leader, Kellyn jumped in the fight and too battled the leader and his thugs. Here Kellyn found out he was a Shifter after him and Bliss were sent into the aether realm and back after a battle with them. He brushed it off and continued to fight. He and his current teammates had finally disbanded the team who's plan was to take the Deoxys, deep within the cave.

They went their ways and Kellyn challenged Juan and quickly defeated him. Kellyn had won his final badge and headed to Evergrande... Kellyn, however still had the shift on his mind.

On the cruise across the ocean, Kellyn practiced shifting in it's entire form and was able to do it easily enough but he knew he would need Birch to explain it all to him after the tournament. Kellyn decided to trek Victory Road before the tourney began and found himself training extensively. He moved on and on through the cave now with his pokemon near their limits. He had finally reached the end where he found the same Deoxys searching through multiple jewels. Kellyn approached it but couldn't do anything. The pokemon had disappeared though not with a small telepathic message. Thank You.

Kellyn left the cave ready for the league but was still a bit confused. He fought up to the Top 8 where his thoughts were finally killing him and he was to busy think to the point that he lost in the Top 4. Kellyn watched as May, which he was surprised to see, remained the champion.

He moved back to his hometown after his two year journey and had the Professor explain everything too him and how he needed to keep it a secret. He then stayed in the town for two more years, reading the myths and rumors about shifters. After which he decided to go out into the world to discover for him self who he truly was, picking up his pokemon and heading out..

>RP Sample: From a RP, Digimon Adventure: NEXT!
The house was rather silent as I walked in and away from the snow. My dad was doing paperwork at the table, a cold bowl of ramen beside him. As of lately his business, he is the head of computer programming and manufacturing there, has gotten less and less customers. I guess we can blame it on our supposed "Cyber-Terrorist." As I shut the door he simply gave me a solemn look before going back to the papers.

I decided to skip watching the news this evening as what would they talk about? Oh yeah, the damn electronic attack. I headed to my room, hoping that my computer just may work. The only thing is, my mind kept switching to the old man.

How did he know my name? I thought. Did he call me a chosen child? These thoughts were literally swarming in my head. I just didn't know what to do about it, but I definitely wasn't telling my dad. I did n't know if I should tell anyone, especially because I just didn't think I'd meet him again or find out what he meant. It was just to confusing.

I soon started to push the thoughts out of my mine as I reached my room and my laptop, which was laying on my bed. I laid my back-pack on the floor as I sat down next to the computer. It's actually working, I thought as the internet actually opened and let me access my email.

I only had six messages, five of which were from Sora and Kazumi making sure I was okay after the thunder and snow. The last one was the oddest. The sender was, which was my dad's company. Why would they be sending me crap? I thought. I started to call for my dad when the all of my other messages closed and a download began.

My mouth shut as I stared closer at the screen. Is it a virus? I asked myself. There's no reason they would send me something like this unless they were hacked... That's when the download finished. All that happened was a single new icon appeared. All I was look at it, thinking it was maybe a video game title. Suddenly, I read it aloud, not knowing why, "Digital World...?"

I just sat there, fairly confused by it. I mean it sounded like a harmless game, except for all of those seizures and addictions they cause, not a virus. But as those thoughts came to me, the computer lit up a bright blue, covering the whole room. I didn't even have time to yell for help before I disappeared...


I woke up minutes later in a place I had never been to. I didn't even remember how I had gotten there, only falling. I couldn't tell if I was dreaming or simply going crazy. You would have thought that to if everywhere you looked there were only trees, each and every one being the same, and mountains in the distance with waterfalls colliding to the ground.

Damnit!!! I thought, my head now pounding. Where the hell am I?! I guess I can say I was rather irritated and I didn't know what to do. I probably did the stupidest choice in this situation by walking away into the forest, but hey, there wasn't much else to do.

I walked for awhile till I was completely confused. Every tree was exactly the same, just as I said before, and I didn't even though if I was walking in circles. Suddenly, I heard a roar, louder than any from the zoo. I froze in my tracks and the ground started to shake. I didn't know what it could be and even with my bravery, I definitely didn't want to find out. Anything that can make that happen is nothing you want to be near.

I ran off in the opposite direction of the roar, contemplating at what could have caused it though the rest of me focused on running. I stopped awhile later in an odd clearing surrounded by tall trees that was nearly blocking the whole sun. A small, harmonious tune had formed somewhere in the area, causing me to look to the center of the clearing. There stood the only thing that was visible.

It was a pedestal. It stood there, yet it seemed to beckon me to it, causing me to have an urge to touch it. I complied to the thought by moving forward and laying my right hand on the stone object. That's when the floor shown, making the same pattern that had been on my hand when the freaky old man touched it.

I pulled my hand away as an oval-like sphere formed on the hard rock. The shape just threw itself at my chest, causing me to yell and throw my hands up to catch it. Within seconds the light became so overwhelming to the point that it had to fade. The only thing that was left was a single egg.

I stood there, staring at it, more confused than scared. That is until I heard the trees snap... Right behind me stood a red dinosaur that started billowing flame into the air. It slammed its tail into the ground as it saw me and started running, straight to where I stood.

Oh, crap, was the first thought that came to mind when I tried to turn and run, except I couldn't. I was frozen, just like with the old man and the egg started to shine. Than I heard the same person I was thinking about...

"They are chosen.
Chosen from a group of young ones.
Chosen based on their traits and characteristics.
It is unknown who chose these children.
When the time comes, they will be called upon to save those who selected them.
Welcome to the Digital World, Digidestined."

My eyes suddenly went blank and I fell to the ground, egg still in hand.


The last thing I remembered was the feel of the grass as I woke up. It was 8:02, the same time I had gone. Was I just dreaming? I thought. I shook my head, trying to find the truth. That was until I saw what laid at the foot of my bed.

It was the same, white and purple egg from the dream...


>Name: Bliss

>Gender: Female

>Species: Mightyena

>Personality: Bliss is protective of her partner and is quick to judge. She's been raised in the loving family causing her to gain these attributes. She loves to battle and is very courageous. She get furious at times and tends to fight harder than needed. Most of her attributes are the same as Kellyn's. She has been known to be flirtacious to other Mightyena.
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