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"We are not aware of any other groups at the moment, but you shouldn't rule it out. There will always be people who are swayed by material things and bad thoughts, Atlanteans who have been surrounded by bad mortal judgement for too long," Natalia said, glancing at her phone. Nikolai was just about to ask another question when her phone beeped. She held up her finger for a moment, then looked up and said, "I'm sorry, but we have to move again. I'll answer you other questions in the car." Then she gathered up her things and motioned for him to move out the door.

It had begun to snow while they had talked, and now a light dusting of snow was on the ground. No doubt there was more snow farther north in Russia, but in the middle of Moscow, not much had fallen so far. Nikolai loved the snow, but he wished he had brought something warmer. Oh well, it was not like he had planned to be kidnapped into a secret organization. Natalia quickly unlocked the car and climbed in the drivers seat while Nikolai got into the passenger seat. After a few minutes of heading north, Nikolai asked another question. "So how large is the AUP? Your obviously very organized as a group. But how many of you are there?"
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