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    ((( Reading the rules of the Beginners lounge, I do believe I am able to post this idea down since it technically isn't recieving any work until I can figure out the mapping part of...well mapping. )))

    The plot:
    Three years ago prior to the story, the S.S.Anne was making its way to the region of Sainda, an island far away from the Kanto region but much resembling the Hoenn region. However during the travels the S.S.Anne came under attack by a strange villanous team that stole cargo from the ship and once off it, proceeded to sink it. Very few survivors were reported, many being lost at sea...

    The protagonist wakes up, in the present, being awoken by an alarm being sounded by the PC. He decides to answer the message, seeing as it is from Dr. Silver, the region's expert on Pokemon. The Dr. starts to talk to the protagonist through the computer monitor, requesting assistance in finding a boy that has disappeared from his village.
    At this point, Dr. Silver also returns the protagonist's Eevee, and with that the Protagonist decides to help the Dr. out. He leaves his small house on the outskirts of the region and seek the boy out...

    Characters (Incomplete):

    The player character. Was a survivor of the attack three years ago. Presumably had lost both parents.

    Dr. Silver: The region's leading expert on Pokemon. Dr. Silver's field in expertise is Pokemon Genetic's, mainly as to why certain Pokemon cannot learn certain moves, and to see if Pokemon can have their DNA rewritten to force them to be able to perform certain techniques.

    Casey: A mysterious, Blue coloured Abra that appears to the Protagonist. Its role will be revealed through the storyline.

    Ms. Mime: A female Mr. Mime that acts as the Protagonist's caretaker. Ms. Mime is a Pokemon that had Genetic Modifications done to her, as a result she is able to speak Human languages. She was given to the Protagonist when he/she arrived at Sainda island Enjoys fishing and looking after the other Pokemon that reside around the protagonist's home. Acts as a support role that appears many times throughout the story to help the player in some ways.

    Missingo.: Won't appear until one of the later Betas. Is not involved with the main storyline, but will instead feature its own side quest.

    Important factors to take into the story:

    -This will have some mature content, such as Pokemon violence against Humans and testing on Pokemon.
    -The Protagonist has no ambition of becoming a famous Pokemon trainer, and will have thought speeches in certain parts of the story.
    -There will be elements of terrorism and crime at certain parts of the game.
    -Pokemon Gyms won't be factored into gameplay until later in the story.


    -Most Pokemon will have new abilities! This will mean some new strategies might have to be developed by players to combat these new additions.
    -New/Modified Pokemon! Some Pokemon are being modified or just completely replaced. Sick of Zubat? No worries! Maybe you'll enjoy the replacement!
    -Boss Fakemon: New Pokemon with ungodly stats (eat your heart out, Arceus!), uncatchable and unavoidable. Will probably change if no one can surpass them.
    -Genetic Pokemon: Since the game revolves around Genetic Modifications of Pokemon, there'll be times when you encounter trainers or be given Pokemon with an illegal move on them, such as a Machamp with Shadow Ball or a Golem with Zap Cannon for example.
    -More features will be added as they are implemented.

    So yeah...this is basically my idea for a game I'll be working on. If anyone could give me a hint regarding a mapping query, I've posted on the Quick Question sticky.

    If you wish to discuss the idea or anything else, feel free to post.

    Okay I can actually do a slight bit of mapping. It took me two hours to do one interior room, instead of getting rid of a wall I just boxed it over >.<
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