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Natalia Zaytsev - ???, Russia

"It all depends how you look at it," Natalia glanced at Afon then back at the road. "We have a large number of supporters, financial and political, but not a lot of actual members who are willing to risk their life to do what needs to be done." She took a left, exhaling as she did so. It baffled her why despite the amount of people who would happily fund the project, none of them wanted to actually physically do something. "Our numbers are... small. But we have confidence and hope in the Universe and that it, in some way, will aid our cause."

They were only ten or so minutes away now, light conversation had been thrown about during the trip. The city scenery had changed to a rural one, forests lining left and right of the road. Then, her phone rang and Natalia's hand jerked forward, switching it to speaker phone. She didn't really mind that Afon would listen in, most calls were in code anyway. Plus, she knew of Afon's ability. He could probably listen in by putting his hand on the car or something or other. Though how much control Afon had of his power? Natalia did not know.


"Natal... d-- br-- ...e --c--... com.. sed!" Then, it clicked and ended the call. She frowned, exchanging glances between the road, the phone and Afon. The voice sounded fairly urgent, but most of it was broken and hard to hear. She glanced at the time quickly. They were almost there, what could... had something gone wrong? Even if it had, it was Natalia's duty to do something. She continued, accelerating faster and taking a right onto a dirt track in the forest. The safe area was about maybe half a kilometre away now. Then, she saw the worst.

Four dead bodies, sprawled across the snow. She immediately stopped the car as soon as she saw them, jumping out of the driver's seat.

"Stay here!" she said before slamming the door, pulling her gun from her holster and holding it with both hands. The killers could still be here. She ran over to the first body she could see and immediately recognised him. Sebastian Mayer. Seb. Her German friend, they had talked about their taste in music. He was a talented man, he had gotten a grip over his sonic scream ability. Plus, he had been a fantastic singer. She sighed, said a few words, then closed his eyes.

Andrey Moruyev, she noticed as she walked over to her other Atlantean friend. Andy. A Russian, like herself. She had talked to him about their favourite foods as Andy had said he was an aspiring chef. He had even made her a delicious stew, that time during training. His spike ability was most interesting, and he had often stated how not very useful it was to him. She nodded, standing up, saying some more words and closing his eyes too.

She did not recognise the other two people. Either new recruits or simply firepower, she nodded again, slowly and sadly.

"May the Universe shine brightly upon your soul as you join her in the afterlife."

Then, there was a popping noise and Natalia turned around, holding her gun up towards the noise. She couldn't see anything and the trees were rather restricting too.
She cautiously stepped towards the noise, ready for whatever there was. She expected the killers may have stuck around, if there was more than one. What could they possibly gain by killing four people? Unless... these people were against the AUP.

She jumped behind a tree and saw two men for a split second before there was a popping noise and they were gone. Oh... oh no. These were Atlanteans they were up against. She had feared as much. But, who were they? What did they want, other than to foil the AUP's plans? Who... who would do something like this?

Oakley North - London, England

"Stay the hell away from my sister, you almost killed her!"

Oakley's heart stopped. My... His sister? Her breathing stopped and she went wide eyed as Ms. Beleren wiped the stone around her neck over her arm and made the armour recede back to only a few moles on the top of her hand and her palm. Oakley took no notice of them though, her eyes focusing on the floor. She was speechless as she tried to figure out what this Michael person had just said. Had she mistaken what he said for something else? Maybe he meant... no, there was nothing that he could have possibly said that would make sense. He started to breathe quite heavily, though her arm did nothing (the power of the stone seemed to have stopped it for a while) and her heart rate started to rise as she pieced things together. Michael was his name, sure, but Michael was a pretty common name! And he had said his last name was Cale, he had glasses and his hair was different. True, he looked vaguely familiar, similar eyes to her own father but that was sheer coincidence. Though... she had not seen him since she was maybe eight or nine and not talked to him since she was twelve. That was just over four years. People change. A arm gently pulled her to her feet. She didn't look at his face and she barely registered what he had said, but she knew it was him.

"I have some explaining to do later," he said before leaving her. She didn't think about walking, her feet dragging her as she heard a "come on!" from behind her. They were led to a helicopter and Oakley didn't step in, Ms. Beleren only helping her inside and placing her in a seat next to Michael. Oakley continued to stare at nothing, her mind frozen. She didn't know what to think anymore. Her brother, here? That was... almost impossible. When Ms. Beleren motioned for everyone to put their headsets on, Oakley's stayed limp in her arms. What could she do? What was there to do? Her brother was apparently, right here! She should talk to him! But, she knew if she did, something would come back. It was the reason she didn't talk to him while she went to her academy in southern France; she would cry and have panic attacks every time she did. If she spoke now, she knew she would just be a total mess. So, she stayed silent and in shock.

A power which painfully reacts to stress and her heart rate and a brother which seemed to do no justice to both. What a cruel joke that God had played on her.
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