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    I check pretty much every hack I can on the board. And I have to say.
    Why people don't go crazy with the story?

    Pretty much they take the "young man, adventure, 8 badges, champion" thingy and just change a couple things from there, switch up the style, region, names, minigames. But pretty much it's the same essence of Pokemon.

    How about not do the 8 badges?, have a completely new mission?.
    A hack about just going to contests and not gyms (Just giving a random example). Having diversity between hackroms.

    I just think the majority of people want to do a hack that has everything in it and it's the same ol' Pokemon with a couple of changes, but the same essence... and that's just not that interesting, because they are all in the same lane, some diversity will be nice.

    Or maybe I'm wrong, I know just a couple things about hacking so maybe asking for really drastic changes is not doable.

    Disclaimer: English is not my native language.
    I'd appreciate any corrections on my grammar. (;