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Jeremy Kyle - From Moscow, Russia to Birmingham, England

Jeremy watched from afar as Leon took out his opponents, not so much skilfully, but with some degree of skill to it. He would have joined the fight if it wasn't for his dislike of fighting, he always tried to avoid fighting which put his position in The Syndicate under scrutiny. However he was not above espionage and sabotage, having on more than one occasion done either of those acts under the orders of the Directive and Superior. Nether less he continued to watch Leon take out his opponent, and losing at the same time. It was harsh of The Syndicate to put him through such a trial this early on in his career, he didn't even have much of a degree of control over his ability, but somehow his will pushed through and he was left alone with only one adversary.

A sound caught Jeremy off guard as a car raced down the road towards him; if the person were to discover them, they could be in big trouble. He turned his attention back to the fight, hoping that Leon would finish up the fight quickly so that they could escape out of there. The second Leon had the man incapacitated, he fell to the ground unconscious, and Jeremy reacted quickly, teleporting over to Leon just as the car pulled onto the side of the road. A woman got out from the drivers seat and talked to someone hidden in the car. Fear riddled Jeremy's mind an he teleported out of there quickly, making a louder than usual pop as he momentarily lost control, appearing only a few metres away before teleporting again to the medical wing of the Syndicate's facility.

The doctors came running as soon as they saw Leon's limp body Jeremy had brought, lifted him on to a gurney and wheeled him off into medical where they would fix him up.

Several hours later, Leon was wheeled back into the room, his condition more stable as he looked less beaten up. He hadn't been gravely injured, but he had been deeply exhausted and rest was what he needed. Jeremy chose to stay by Leon's side until he woke up, the two of them were partners now, and Jeremy felt the least bit responsible for his condition. So he sat in the armchair at Leon's side as he watched Leon recover, the man breathing regularly, waiting for him to awaken.
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