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Sorry this took so long!

SU: Warning: This gets a bit... graphic, so just be prepared. Nothing innapropriate, just kinda scary.

Name: Lucius Xavier Addams XI (aka Lex)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Specialization: Melee

Weapon: (argh I reeeaally wanna say katana again, but I'll refrain myself) Scythe

Personality: As a young boy, Lucius Xavier, or as his mother called him, Lex, was seen often as a kind and gentle spirit. He delighted in playing in the forest, often pretending to converse with animals or trees. Occasionally the boy would bring home a butterfly on his finger, or a swallow on his shoulder. He loved the plants and animals, and would mourn whenever he saw a tree being cut down, quietly crying by himself in a corner. He never had a father figure, for according to his mother, Lex's father had died long ago, and would never return.

Lex soon learned that this wasn't true. After school on the boy's 14th birthday, Lex returned home to find pools of blood on his living room floor. In a panic, Lex ran up the stairs to his mother's room. When he opened the door, he found his mother, lying in bed, badly beaten and abused. Her eyes were glazed over, and they stared at the message written on the wall with blood: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEX LOVE DAD". Lex read the horrifying words, then fell to the floor screaming that it wasn't real. In an animal-like fear, Lex got up and rushed to the last safe place for him that existed in the world: the forest. Lex pushed through the gray trees, tears still streaming down his face, until he reached his "secret clearing" in the center of the woods. To Lex's surprise, a man in a black leather jacket stood in the clearing, with his back to Lex. After a few seconds of awful silence, Lex began to believe that this man was his father. In a senseless fury, Lex picked up a large, sharp stick from the ground and proceeded to impale this man through the back with all his strength. The man fell to his knees, unable to draw enough breath to even to speak. Lex began to walk in circles around the dying man, like a vulture circling its prey, waiting for it to die. It was not long until the leather jacketed man fell forward, finally dead. Seeing the man's blood seep onto the forest floor horrified Lex, who suddenly realized what he had done. The boy slowly backed away from the corpse before turning around, too shocked and sick to scream or cry. Lex never returned to his old home, and he only returned to the forest once more to set it ablaze.

Lex then left the United States forever. He stowed away on an airplane to India, and lived as a hermit and an inkeeper high up in the Himalayan mountains. Ever since that horrific day, he has not once smiled, he does not cry, and he does not speak, at least with his voice. He communicates through drawings in the snow or dirt. The image of his dead mother still haunts him, and every birthday, Lex goes and secretly releases the twelve vicious hounds that he stole on an innocent village.

Appearance: Standing 6' 5", and weighing in at 165 pounds, Lex is quite formidable. Lex has very well defined muscles, due to the fact that he excercises frequently. His hair is long, reaching well past his shoulders, and is a very distinct blond. His beard is very rough and thick, as he has been unable to shave since arriving in India. He has wild, green eyes, but they are usually hidden beneath his hat.

He wears a heavy, brown leather coat, with a green sweater underneath. His pants are of the same color and material as his jacket, and his boots are also leather, but of a much darker brown than his pants and coat. On top of his head he wears a brown hat that he found on a frozen body in the mountains. He has black gloves that he recieved from a guest at his inn in the mountains, which was an abandoned house that Lex dug out of the snow.

Additional info: Lex is rumored to be the descendant of another boy whose mother was unjustly killed, and who was speechless. Lex has always wanted to learn more about this particular fellow.

Also, Lex has never been certain whether the man he killed in the forest was really his father or not.

Who do you remember?: His mother, Amber Addams.

What memento do you have from this person?: A heart-shaped locket, with a picture of Amber holding baby Lex.
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