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    Clans would definetly improve activity. There are little homes for battler especially newers ones. Outside of pokemon usally there are different tiers of clans (The snooby elitiest ones with all the best people of said game/moderators , good clans . nooby clans with one good leader , etc) and they really help with getting out of the "noob" phase of battling. I mean you can read all you want but unless you battle you can't really get the game. This is where we can be different from smogon because you could be more personal with the newer battlers. I remember when I first started off battling I had alot of questions and I wish I could open up some type of chat and ask every little thing. ex) Why does the cb set have more synergy then the CS set for my team. When is safe or optimal to double switch)

    I like the idea of a "high school" approach to pokemon battling. Maybe have the veterans give general help on the pc po server. I mean this tutor buisness is really dumb when you have a quick question.

    That and when I first joined pc I looked first into the wifi battling center and not the S&M section when the battling section should be a sub forum of it. It just makes life easier.

    I hope what I wrote made sense lol.

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