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    Nikolai Afon - North of Moscow, Russia

    Nikolai and Natalia talked about other, simpler things as they made their way north, out of Moscow and into the wilderness that surrounded the metropolis. The snow fell slightly more heavily now, slightly obscuring the road. They drove for about an hour when Natalia's phone suddenly buzzed. She quickly reached forward and put it on speaker phone.


    Broken language came through the speaker, disjointed and quick. Static and noises in the background obscured most of what the person said. "Natal... d-- br-- ...e --c--... com.. sed!" Natalia frowned and her face went pale. The quickly looked up from her phone and looked over at Nikolai, who returned her confused and worried look. She quickly accelerated and turned off onto a dirt road, then quickly braked as she saw four bodies in a clearing beside the road. She jumped out of the car, and Nikolai was about to do the same when she yelled, "Stay here!" Nikolai obeyed as she pulled a gun out and ran over to the bodies, looking them over, then turning to a sound to her right.

    Then Nikolai decided to just get out. Natalia wasn't shooting at all, and she had lowered her gun, so it must be safe for now. He quietly got out of the car and walked over to Natalia, taking care not to step in the blood soaked snow surrounding the bodies. As he looked down at the bodies, quickly taking note of how they died. His father had once told him to always look at the details that others might overlook. They might be useful later. He quickly summed up how they had died. One man had been shot in the head, and there was now a large hole just above his eye. One more had a knife in his head, most likely thrown. The third had a spike in his neck. He had noticed that the spikes had come from the second man. An Atlantean power perhaps? The fourth, a woman, was interesting though. She had electrical burns on her body, which appeared to have killed her. That did not make sense though, there was no electrical equipment around here. Nikolai ended up assuming that the burns had been caused by another Atlantean power.

    Nikolai walked over to Natalia and put his had on her shoulder. "I'm sorry." He said, "Did you know them?"
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