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    Originally Posted by zdude0127 View Post
    Do some these design flaws include TM learnset glitches? I wanted to teach my Feraligatr Hyper Beam but it can't learn it.

    A few minor moveset related problems relating to Giovanni's Persian and Mura's (if your starter was Charmander) Blastoise. Persian knows Fissure and Blastoise knows Blizzard. If I'm correct, Persian can't learn Fissure and Blizzard is no longer a TM in Brown.

    Also (minor request, ignore it if you wish) could you modify Red's team in the Elite Four? It is rather repetetive to face 3 Charizards in the Elite Four (2 if your starter wasn't Bulbasaur). If you do, could the Charizard replacement be a Typlosion? Like I said, ignore if you wish since this is your hack.
    - Yes I will be going through the TM learnsets and seeing what's missing.
    - Them learning those were overlooks on my part and will be fixed.
    - I think I'll change Red's Charizard to a Typlosion. You're right. I like Charizard, but that's a bit overkill.

    What else will be fixed:
    - Pokemon pics will not glitch up when using certain emulators as well as a real gameboy.
    - Pokemon found early in the game will be able to learn more moves by leveling up.
    - Some spelling/grammar errors I picked up as well as the text overlapping on one part.
    - Koolboyman's end message altered to fit my current situation.

    I'm making all of these changes for a good reason. Stay "tuned", you'll like what I'm going to do.

    Feel free to suggest things that will improve the game.

    Originally Posted by Anth0ny View Post
    Hey Coolboyman, is a patch for RBY that allows those games to recognize the new Pokemon/fixed back sprites you added in Brown possible/in the works? Currently playing through Brown again, and I'd love to trade between the games, and mess around in Kanto with Gen 2-4 dudes.

    I'm guessing it's not as simple as I think, but just wanted to throw it out there. Keep up the great work.
    I have no plans for that, that was meant to be merged with the Red in color hack I was doing but I never got around to finishing it because of other stuff I have to deal with in my life.