Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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    Originally Posted by Krika View Post
    Hang on. Could someone summarize what progress has been made with this? As best I can tell, there is a patch that implements the DPSS in Firered, and another that does it in Emerald, but that both are bugged. What exactly are the bugs in each of them? (Basically, is either in a usable condition to be plugged into a hack?)
    The Fire Red one handles Special and Physical correctly, but if a Fire attack hits Flash Fire or an Electric attack hits Volt Absorb, the game crashes. I'm not sure about Water Absorb.

    The Emerald one handles Special correctly, but Physical attacks don't work correctly and will all do 1~2 damage as if they were ???-type attacks. I think it doesn't have the Flash Fire issue.

    FR is usable if you can avoid the ability clashes, and Emerald kind of.. isn't.
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