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    Originally Posted by yumeforever View Post
    First of all want to say thank you for making the rom!! It is truly amazing and has been helping me procrastinate during finals.

    Now for my question:
    I had been raising a Mankey and chose not to catch the wild Primeape on the way to Celadon city for this reason. Problem is, when the mankey I have been raising evolved it suddenly will not obey anymore. Even though it is only level 28 (and I have Sabrina's badge obviously) and other pokemon I have that are that level will obey. Anyway I can fix this? I can't enter the P1 with my Primeape because it won't obey and it's difficult to beat them with a Mankey.

    Primeape isn't supposed to obey you. This game is following the anime. Primeape will start to obey you once you beat the first round of the P1 championship.
    Tip: Make Primeape learn Air Cutter. It helps a lot.

    You will also encounter this similar issue with Charmeleon/Charizard.
    They will not obey you until you have reached the episode where Charizard fully trusts Ash as a trainer.

    Currently working on a new Pokemon Hack with an in-depth story line!
    That's about as much as you're going to get for now...

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