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    Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
    Okay so here's an example of the sprites being too big:

    The Magikarp in particular is MASSIVE.
    Now here's Chaos Rush's resized sprites:

    These are scaled down to match the GBA sprites in size.
    Now here's the two side by side:

    Imo, the one on the right looks a lot better.
    (Btw don't worry I never hacked your ROM to change the sprites, I just edited a screenshot on paint.)

    Also, will you ever be adding gen IV and V Pokémon? I want to evolve my Togepi eventually into Togekiss.
    Hmm, I see what you're saying but in my opinion the resized one looks too small when compared to the Battleground. Either way, I'll leave them the way they are for now.

    As for Gen IV or V pokemon that's a maybe. I may add some Gen IV evolutions and pre-evolutions but we'll see.

    Originally Posted by The Angry Bean :] View Post
    Am I supposed to be playing the Beta or the Alpha? Neither are playing the hack for me. I've patched them both to a clean Fire Red, but I can't get either to play the hack. Maybe I am doing something wrong?
    (Sorry if it's a stupid question.) Anyway, looks great either way!
    Lots of luck.

    Edit: Nevermind, I finally got it to work with the Beta. I did notice though when I am playing the game I cannot bring up the Pokemon menu.. (where you save, and check your pokemon and stuff.) When I hit start it brings up the "help" menu instead. :/

    I really enjoyed what I've played so far, and will continue to play later. :]
    Check the button settings on your emulator. This is new to me.
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