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Trainer, master, friend,

I am so proud and grateful to have lived my life as your Pokémon.

From the moment you chose me, my life truly had meaning. You made me more than just myself, you made me yours.

Yours to love, to cuddle, to share with, to play with in the summer sun, to keep warm on winter nights, to distill strength and talent out of, to fight for you, to protect you.

And then at last, to die for you.

I dearly wish I could tell you it wasn't your fault, tell you that you were brave and strong and did everything you could to bring us both home safely, tell you that I was glad to do what I did even though I was sore afraid. I wish I could lick your tears away.

But I can't now. I can't see or feel or hear anything now. The only thing from the world we shared that reaches here is the song of your weeping heart, but even that is becoming distant, no longer for me to know.

I want you to know that I'm safe now. The pain and fear I felt in that final moment can never reach me here. But I miss you already.

I miss being alive. I miss senses and sensations. I miss my body and the unceasingly wonderful world it was attached to. I miss my heart that kept on beating knowing you would be there to feel its gentle thump when you snuggled with me every night.

I'm already forgetting what being part of that world was like, being alive and surrounded by your affection. The more I cling to those memories the more they crumble like fallen leaves.

There's another Pokémon here with me. She's beautiful, and warm, and she's come to guide me to what lies beyond the living world. There's no other world awaiting me, just an infinite, beautiful future. There I'll forget everything and dissolve back into that precious flow that makes all things possible.

While your heart still beats, my love will live on inside you. You can still speak to me in your imagination, touch me in your dreams, savor the memories we shared as companions in this brief flash of consciousness.

You can even imagine me lying in the shade of a tree in some other-worldly paradise, waiting for you to join me. Though you may not be able to see it yourself, the things your living brain can create are more real than you'll ever realize. To live on as an angel in the heaven of your mind would be more than I could ever ask for.

So cry for me, as I wish I could for you. Feel, savor the thrill of life for us both while you still can, and move on. Share the gift of your love with another Pokémon whose heart is starved as mine was before you saved me.

The world we shared as living creatures is pushing me away now. The last warmth and light I have is the Pokémon by my side, and she's ready to escort me into infinity, and I'm ready to follow her.

Long from now, when your heart stops beating, you'll experience her beauty for yourself. When you look into her, you'll know that I once did as well, and be happy knowing that when she guides you away from the world where you lived as a human, that you'll be home with me again, for eternity.
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