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    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    This takes me back to game boy color! I am curious as to why you chose the style of Gold/Silver its nice but i'm just curious good work on the fakemon so far too..
    Two reasons mainly:
    1. I don't see a lot of pokemon fan projects that attempt it.
    2. It would be a nice touch visually for the sake of nostalgia.
    I also kind of like working with a limited palette. It allows me to get work done faster, and it gives me a challenge in terms of artwork.

    Anyway, while I currently don't have much to offer, I'll show you some sketches I've been doing to demonstrate the process I take:

    rough sketches of the playable characters in the game. Left is Chase, the Right is Amber.

    A ghost/steel type fake pokemon concept I've been working on. This is Clawmbee, the Live Corpse pokemon.

    Sketch of one of the gym leaders (Defense Leader Martha) with her pokemon Boundoom, a Rock/Ghost type Pokemon with Wondergaurd as its ability

    If you want to know the etymology for these two fakemon, Clawmbee and it's evolution (which I'll show later) are based of Jiang Shi, while Boundoom is based off a Nurikabe.
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