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    Legendary Rebels 2

    The Human's War



    Its been exactly a year sense Adriane, Valorie, and Spike saved the human race from the legendaries. Sense then, the legendaries, pokemon, and humans all lived in harmony. Most of the pokemon-abusing trainers stopped abusing their pokemon, either appreciating them more, or scared to death that Mewtwo will get them. But a few months ago, a huge change happened that will change this.

    But things have changed. The humans have found anger when they think about the event. They believe they need to take charge, show the legendaries they need to pay for what they did. Its a long process, trying to plan out their attack, but a week from now is the human's planned out attack! Will the world be saved again? Or will both pokemon and humans be killed out in the long run? How can they save the world? And is there really a 'they' to save it?

    The legendary rebels have united again. The other legendaries don't know about whats going on. Most of the legendary rebels' kids got killed by the legendaries in the previous war, so its a search all over again! Will they be able to come up with a plan, or will they fail? Can they find these humans in time, at all? Hopefully, or they'll be no one left to worry!



    1.All PC rules apply
    2.Its rated PG-14, keep it that way.
    3.Romance is allowed, but nothing past kissing.
    4.No Godmodding, Bunnying, whatever you want to call it.
    5.No cussing. There is really no need to cuss.
    6.Remember, Jarachi is asleep,so tecnicly its minus seven, but one isn't doing anything at all in the situation.
    7.The trainers can't know each other, UNLESS you are PKMN trainer yellow (Valorie), Miley810 (Adriane, or ShinyDiamond (Spike) from the original Legendary Rebels rp. We all meet at somepoint though
    8.You can only pick from the list below
    9.You can only have six pokemon total, and you can take pokemon from the PC box IF YOU ASK PROMISSION FROM ME TELLING ME WHAT POKEMON AND STUFF!!!!
    10.We're not catching the legendaries.
    11.And obviously, only one person per legendary, and one legendary per person.
    12.Only one eevee or eevee evolution per team, so that means if you had a Glaceon, you can't have a eevee or another evolution, (If you read all of the rules put 'magical squiral' somewhere in your sign up, I want to see if people read it though) if you have a eevee, its the only eevee you can have and you can't have any of its evolutions, but you can evolve your eevee. But you don't have to have a eevee or eevee evolution.
    13.No using text talk. (Examples: "Are u a trusted trainer 2?" or "Maria sk8ed to the labratory.")
    14.If you need to do a OOC, or Out Of Charecter part, than put (Ooc: ) Example: (OOC:I was out of ideas on what to post.)
    15.Let me know before your going to be gone for longer than two days.
    16.Be active. If I don't see at least a post every three days, your inactive. But if you let me know your going to be gone, than you won't be marked inactive.
    17.A pokemon can only be used once. By that I mean,if someone signs up with say beedrill, than you can't sign up with it. That rule doesn't apply for eevee, but does for its evolutions.
    18.Reserves last two days,but please try to gets your sign ups in as soon as you can.
    19.If you break any of the rules you'll start off with a warning and be asked to change your post, if you don't change your post you will be banned, if you break the rules a second time you will be asked asked again, and if you don't you will be banned, and if you break the rules a third time you will be banned. (If your read all of the rules put 'chewing gum' somewhere in your sign up)
    20. Only one charecter per user (except for non-important charecters)

    Sign up:


    Name: (First and last required)
    Age: (14-16)
    Pokemon Team: (Up to six)
    Legendary: (Your legendary Pokemon)
    Appearance: (Hair, eyes, skin tone, height, cloths. A good picture will work, and a recap of the picture would help, and help your likelyness of getting accepted)
    History: (optional)
    Personality: (what your charecter is like, their personality)
    Other: (Anything else not mentioned belongs here)


    1. Mew- Adriane- Miley810
    2. Latias- Spike- ShinyDiamond
    3. Latios- Alan- Mick Fizz
    4. Azelf- Deceased
    5. Mesprit- Valorie- PKMN Trainer Yellow
    6. Uxie- Gad- Mick Fizz (Used to be Wymsical)


    Name: Adriane Cole Jewel


    Team: Glaceon, Ninetails, Teddiursa, Marril, Ivysaur, Plusle




    Adriane has died her hair raven black, and now it goes four inches below her shoulders, and she still has bangs. She had dark green contacts now, and her skin is medium. She wears a dark green shirt with a black cloth vest. She wears black jeans, and a black jacket with fur around the hood rim. She wears black leather fingureless gloves. She wears black hiking boots. (about a inch and a half from calf high) (she wears a black hat like that.)


    Adriane will stand up for anybody, as long as they arn't enemies. She will use violence when she feels violence needs to be used, but she doesn't just always feel like it needs to be used. She doesn't "judge a book by its cover" either. She gives second chances to people,or pokemon, she feels like deserve second chances. She will help if somebody needs helping.
    She is very caring towards her pokemon, and is completly against abuse towards them, or basicly any kind of abuse period. She isn't anti-social, but people don't really try to become friends with her, which she assumes is due to her appearance.

    Other: She likes singing and writing..not that it really matters in this roleplay. Now days Adriane's heart yearns to find her true love. The last boyfriend she had was the total oppisate.

    Other: She likes singing and writing..not that it really matters in this roleplay.

    RP Charecters:

    Miley810- Adriane Cole Jewel- Mew- Glaceon, Ninetails, Teddiursa, Marril, Ivysaur, Plusle
    PkMnTrainer Yellow- Valorie Ryder- Mesprit- Dragonite, Mamoswine, Haxorus, Flygon, Sawsbuck, Kingdra
    ShinyDiamond- Spike Roller Ishiwata- Latias- Leafeon, Blaziken, Gengar, Magmar, Kirlia, Minun
    Wymsical- Gad Sylvanhart- Uxie- Breloom, Blaziken, Poliwrath, Haxorus, Weavile, Spheal
    ~Genevieve~- Nora Jhonson- Blaziken, Kirlia, Beautifly, Absol, Azurill, Altaria
    Mick Fizz- Alan Crane- Grovyle, Shelgon, Omanyte, Dusclops


    My first post:

    Adriane was walking through town, her mew flying beside her, Glaceon walking beside her. She hummed 'Bulavard of broken dreams' as she walked, slightly smiling. She didn't notice the large crowd gathering for a minute, but when she did she froze. All of the people in town were used to her and mew by now, what exactly was going on here?

    "Um...hello."Adriane said.

    "Get them!"A man yelled, and before they knew what was happening, the people charged towards her.

    She returned glaceon and sprung into the air, hovering over even shoulder-sitting reach of the croud.

    "What's going on here?"Adriane asked.

    "Get the Mew! We'll worry about the girl later!"A man yelled.

    Adriane and Mew teleported to her house. Adriane stuffed 30 cans of food into a bag, 10 water bottles, 10 bottles of soda, a jar of gum, a blanket, her cell phone charger, and her camera into her black backpack. Her pokeballs were on her belt, so she grabbed her phone and her and Mew teleported to the Legendary Rebels hideout.

    "This place hasn't all."Adriane said, observing plusle and minun's footprints from where they had played in here.

    Adriane dialed Valorie and Spike's numbers, merged the calls, and waited for them to answer.

    "Please pick up...pleeaaaase pick up."Adriane said.

    When neither picked up, it gave her the option to leave a voicemail. She left a voicemail on both of their phones.

    "Valorie, Spike, help! A huge group of people attacked us in town, I think it has something to do about that 'Legendary attack plan' I told you about. Please, call me back as soon as you can. I'm hiding in the Legendary Rebels hide out."Adriane said and hung up,

    "Mew, what are we gonna do?"Adriane asked.

    "We'll figure something out. Even if we're apart, us, Latios, Mespirt, Spike, and Valorie, we're still a team."Mew said.

    Adriane nodded, then held her phone, looking at it."Please call back soon...I hope you two are ok..."Adriane said softly."Please be ok..."


    OK, I know its short, but it works. Anyways, your post needs to include you being attacked by towns-people, how you escape, ect. So yeah, please post quickly, because once all five of yall have posted once, everyone can post freely.

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