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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    I have all the sprites and most of the scripts all backed up somewhere. Also, those blocked-off areas you mentioned? I know what's behind each and every one of them; I always plan secret rooms before even working out the next bit of the storyline. It'd be really easy to add them, if someone were kind enough to fix the rest of Snakewood well enough to make it worth it.

    Sigh. It's infuriating, really - I'm now perfectly capable of making a decent hack without glitches, but I still have no idea how to solve ones that are already there. I suppose I can't work backwards.
    Those'll be very helpful, and that's even better, seeing as I was just assuming that you didn't have anything planned yet for those areas. (I thought I was the only one to actually make the bonus stuff before even the storyline) And I know how you feel, I have an entire hack at 60% completion, and I STILL can't fix the door to my room in pallet due to a very unique warp error. Too bad that deadly seven member that claims to be a rom hacker isn't here.

    And something that's really bothering me is the aerodactyl.... I grinded it to 100 and it gets constantly knocked out by weaker pokemon, And when I was trying to catch it, I somehow OHKO'd it with a level 20 SHROOMISH. I think it should get a slight stat boost, seeing as it's the magikarp of the "boss-level" pokemon. Or at least a better move pool.

    And on a side note:
    Kamina zangoose is the greatest thing to ever be created.

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