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Originally Posted by Epitaph93 View Post
I'll be working on the maps some time in the next week or two. I'm just looking for a good tile set first, but I suppose I might as well just quit putting it off. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm expecting to release the digivolution alpha around the week of Christmas, which means I really need to edit attacks and stats so that the digivolutions aren't weaker than the previous form lol. Check back often though for screens and updates.

I finished the Sora back sprite and posted two more screen shots, one showing Matt's sprite. I also added two other shots, one of Jyarimon's back sprite, and one of Gigimon's temporary backsprite. Just so everyone can see the difference between the placeholders and finals.
lol i thought so. take your time finding a good tile set.
dont worry i do check here a few times a week for updates.
the new sprites look good. mat's sprite looks pretty good... thou its the first time i see him with a pokeball XD lol.
bty you only posted two out of the three starters, so who is the third starter, *really temped to see how it looks*?
wondering if black wargreymon will be in here. also will some of the dna- digivolved digimon be in her as well, since i see flameromon & exvemon?
If you need/ want any support banners let me know & i'l make as many as you like.
no problem man. keep up the good work.

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