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    So this is the project you were going on about

    I never got up to the point with Yellow in Pokemon Adventures, but this game looks really impressive so far (I could learn something from you)

    My only comment so far is that the Darkrai sprite looks a bit odd. His posing just seems awkward and it doesn't give off a good silhouette, but I'm not sure if you made that sprite.

    Mapping wise, the one where Darkrai says "wrong one!" kind of stands out as the weakest because there is a lot of open space, and it looks a little too repetitive and bare. Maybe add some variation with the book cases (I think GSC has plenty of different types) to vary it a little.

    I'm going to try your demo soon. By the way, do you need help with changing the text of the battle screen? I've done it before with my project and I can show you where to edit the text.
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