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Leon Nef-Birmingham, England

Leon Nef was dreaming. In his dream, he had awoken with a massive headache. Tired, he got out of bed, and walked over to the bathroom to place some water on his face. As he reached for the sink with his hands, he noticed something on them. Both of his arms were covered with the same Atlantean tattoos that cover his shoulder, neck, and part of his face. It was strange, and Leon tried to wash it off, thinking it was ink or something, but it wasn't. Slowly, he realized the tattoo's were spreading. From his wrists, they traveled up and covered his arms, and the one on his shoulder traveled across his chest and down his torso. As he looked now at his face, the tattoo that once covered only part of it spread as well, until his entire face, and rest of his body was covered with it. But it was a strange feeling that passed over him as this was happening. He should be panicking, but he wasn't. For some reason, it felt good. It felt right.

Leon awoke now suddenly, the dream still vivid in his mind. He lifts his hands to his eyes to see they were no longer covered with the Atlanteon tattoos. Leon wondered what the dream meant, if anything. He sat up now, his chest hurting a bit. He recalled the days events, the actions he had to take against those four people. He looked around the room now, not recognizing it, until his gaze fell on Jeremy. He groaned.

" You and your people have a lot of f***ing explaining to do. What the hell? My initiation in this damn organization was to kill four damn people? And to makes things better, they all were ATLANTEAN?! I almost f***king died!" Leon screamed, trying to get out of bed, but realizing he was still a bit soar. He lay back down, looking away from Jeremy.

Leon was pretty angry, but he was also kind of scared. He had been in life-threatening situations before, but this was the closest he had ever came to being dead. Atlanteans were truly powerful. But then, he would know. Leon looked back at Jeremy.

"I expect to be payed a LOT of money for this..." He said.

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