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    Nora smirked to herself walking down the street. She had the 'I'm better than all of you' look in her eyes and in her opinion it was true. The small town she lived in barely had any people it was so small but back before the human race were saved from the Legendaries they had treated their Pokemon horribly more like slaves than friends. Nora was the exception and because of that she knew she was indeed better than everyone else. She rounded a corner and casually ignored a boy her age who tried to say hi to her and kept walking.

    After a bit as she was getting closer to her house she felt a presence behind her and whirled around "Okay what do you.." she began but froze. For floating behind her was Azelf. "W-what this can't be happening can it?" she said.

    "It's real just trust me I'm a friend" Azelf spoke to her telepathically.

    Nora looked unsure for a moment before she smiled and nodded "sure I trust you. I don't think you Legendaries are as bad as everyone says."

    Suddenly she heard voices shouting behind her "Hey that girls with a Legendary, get them!" and she turned to see a group of townspeople running towards her.

    "Do you trust me" Azelf said holding out a paw to her.

    Nora looked from the mob to the legendary before she nodded "I trust you" she said taking the Pokemon's hand and she found herself in a dark hallway. "Where am I?"

    "That will be explained don't worry" Azelf told her before closing his eyes. "Mew I'm at the Legendary Rebels Hideout, I have a girl with me" he sent to mew.

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