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Gad Sylvanhart
My Uncle Turns Out To Be A Pokemon

I'd always heard about the Legendary Rebels, apparently they thought people weren't being nice enough to Pokemon or something. Really, I never anticipated I'd become part of their fight. I mean, I can anticipate a lot of stuff, like my toothbrush being eaten by my friend's dog, or my friend eating my toothbrush, but I never would have been able to anticipate what was gonna happen. So, you want to know what happened? Fine. I have no idea why I'm telling you this, I mean, it's not like you'll have much to do with this information. You'll just forget it along with all the other useless stuff in your head. I'm not trying to sound mean here, but seriously, why am I telling you this? Maybe I shouldn't be, it's pretty confidential. But what the heck? I need to let it out. Are you listening, because you'll need to get REAL comfy to process what I'm gonna say.


If I remember right, my day started out pretty normal. I got up from bed to find out my toothbrush had been stolen, (Yes, that is normal) so I skipped brushing my teeth and got right down to breakfast. "Yo, bro." came a voice from behind me. Two hands shook me, and then I was fully awake. I realized I was in the Pokemon Center, still. I'd been travelling with my friend Sam for a while now, although he wasn't really a trainer, he was company. We'd been friends since seventh grade, when he'd accused me of being an overachiever and then stolen my sandwich. I suppose you're wondering, how the heck does that make us friends? I took my sandwich back afterwards and knocked him off his chair. He came up to me and said "You're alright." and we've been friends ever since. I know, weird. Sam is pretty obnoxious and brutal, kinda stupid too. Don't tell him I said that. He usually doesn't hurt me, but he has no problem beating up anybody else. Yeah, and he eats my toothbrush. It's sorta replacement for the sandwich that day. Weird, I know, but it works. Anyway, I'm getting off the subject. "Ready to head out?" Sam said. "I'm still in my PJ's and we're in our hotel room, no, I'm not ready." I explained to him. (Don't worry, we had separate beds) "Ah. Well, I'm gonna go take a shower, you be ready by the time I get back or I'll drag you out." Sam said. He closed the door of the little bathroom and left me to eat my bowl of corn flakes, which had now spilled over my PJ's because of him shaking me. (Yes, this was normal too) I groaned and took the shirt off, ready to get back into my regular outfit.


Before I knew it, I was outside the Pokemon center. We were in Sandgem Town. For some odd reason, we had been travelling Sinnoh for the past two weeks now. Sam had run off to play at the beach with his one and only Pokemon: Slakoth. Who didn't do much. I rolled my eyes as he ran toward the beach, Slakoth in hand and toothbrush in mouth. (As you've probably guessed by now, I buy new toothbrushes every day.) Meanwhile, I decided to check my email on my phone while I went to train Spheal some more. That was a bad move. The worst, in fact. I walked out of Sandgem and found myself in a large patch of tall grass. Perfect. A wild Bidoof appeared in no time, and I sent Spheal and Weavile out. Spheal for practice, and Weavile for back up if Spheal failed. Meanwhile, I deactivated the security barrier on my phone by clicking to specific buttons at once, pretty nifty if viruses tried to get in, and opened my email. "You have one message." it said. I was about to open the mail when the wild Bidoof started going all crazy on Spheal. "Hey, Spheal, snap out of it." I told Spheal, but it wouldn't listen. Then it occurred to me that the wild Pokemon had used Attract. "Oh, you gotta be kidding me." I complained. What kind of living being could fall in love with something that ugly, I thought to myself. And I stand by what I said-or thought. Blegh! Anyway, that's when Weavile went and used Slash on the Bidoof, knocking it out right away. "Thank you." I said to Weavile, returning it and Spheal to their Pokeballs. "Well, that was uneventful." I said to myself, as I turned my attention back to my phone. I hesitated for a moment, sure that this message wasn't going to be so great. Now I know why. I opened it, and it said just one word, one word that scared the crap outta me: it said "RUN". "What the-" before I could finish my sentence, something shot at me from behind. It narrowly missed my head, and rocked the tree it hit so hard I thought it might fall on me. I immediately looked behind me to see Sam with a bunch of poacher-like men. "Sorry, bro." he said. With him and the men were two Houndooms and an Infernape. "What the hell are you doing, Sam?!" I shouted. All my instincts told me to run, but I wanted to know what was going on. I just HAD to be curious, didn't I? "Poliwrath, come out!" I said, Poliwrath came out from its Pokeball, ready to defend me against the three fire Pokemon. "Wrath, Poli!" it shouted at them. One of the Houndooms seemed a little intimidated, but the rest held their ground.

All of them, Sam and Hunter alike, approached me slowly. It was quite a scary sight to behold. Scared out of my shoes, I ran for my life as all their Pokemon started shooting beams of fire at me. One of the beams hit the grass, and it easily set on fire. I avoided all the running Pokemon, running away from the fire, and kept my focus on Sam. What the hell was he doing? I didn't have time to think, though. Poliwrath was protecting me from some of the beams as I ran, but there was no escaping these guys. Until finally, just in front of the entrance to Jubilife City, a man appeared. Of all the people in the world, I least expected HIM to be there. He came in front of me and released three Pokeballs. From them came Blaziken, Swampert and Sceptile. The starter Pokemon of the Hoenn region. Then, as quick as lightning, he cried "BLAZIKENUSEBLAZEKICKSCEPTILEUSELEAFBLADESWAMPERTUSEWATERFALL" I could hardly understand what he'd just said, but from what I could gather he'd just ordered his Pokemon to attack Sam and the poachers. The Pokemon did so very fast, and before you knew it they were all, Sam included, lying on the floor, knocked out. The man turned to face me, and I clearly recognized him as my uncle Eixu. What was he doing here?! I asked that very same question to my uncle, and he replied "I am not your uncle. I never have been." in a strange, squeaky voice. "What? Who-who are you then?" I stuttered, ready to believe that this was not my uncle after what had just happened. "My name is Uxie. I am the Pokemon of Knowledge, and I have come to take you away." my uncle-or Uxie-said. Then, all of a sudden, I realized his mouth hadn't moved when he said this. He was speaking telepathically. "You're-you're WHAT?!" I cried, now I was ready to believe this was some sort of sick joke. Then, my uncle started glowing. He glowed red, then blue, then yellow, and then the glow faded. "I am Eixu, or Uxie." he said in that squeaky voice. When the glow disappeared, my uncle was gone. I could only see a small, pixie-like Pokemon that I recognized from ancient drawings as Uxie. Then, I realized something phenomenal. Eixu was Uxie spelled backwards. Maybe this wasn't a sick joke, I thought to myself. "Come on!" Uxie said. "When I told you to run, I bloody well meant it!" Uxie started. Now its squeaky voice had been replaced by an English accent and a woman's voice. So my uncle was a Pokemon. And worse than that, he was the legendary Uxie. What to do about that? "I see you kept the clothes I gave you." Uxie said. "They have a special power when I am near them. Watch this." she said, she neared me, and all of a sudden, everything went black.

"Mew, I'm here with a boy about fifteen, a bunch of people were chasing after him. I'm bringing him to the HQ. See you there."
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