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Originally Posted by Xulek View Post
64. I heard that Evolite Chansey was better than Blissey now.

That and not many people use Salamence nowadays either.
On paper, yeah, Eviolite Chansey is much tougher than Bliss, but without lefties, it really can't stall for too long in a metagame with this many fighting types even with its buffed defenses. And that's why Chansey is still UU.

Mence just has a different metagame and other Pokemon that can take its role such as Hydreigon, Haxorus, and DW Dragonite. It's still dang good at what it did last gen, mixed sweeping. It's just that, like Latias and Latios as well, the new metagame made light of their power with all the new threats introduced and brought them down to the same realm as the rest of OU.

In other news, I do not have the patience to compare that many Pokemon.